Working Out

Working out

May 1, 2019

Well congrats! We had the most equal answered poll on my “Do you want my work out routine” question. Typically we are split. It’s like 50/50 or 70/30, so when I saw this I was like I have to get them some good content.

To lay some ground work. I typically work out 2-3 a week. And it’s when I’m teaching. One class is an hour of weights and the second class is an hour of strength/core Yoga.

The third may be a private session with a client.

This week I wanted to add in a few more sessions, so this is not what I typically do.

Also, I’d recommend to check in on where you’re currently at and where you want to be at it. I did this regimen only because I wanted to tone up a little more in the tummy area.

I am not trying to lose pounds right now. I am interested to tone a little in the thighs/glutes and lower tummy.

So in addition to my

1 hr strength

1 hr strength/core yoga

I added in 3 more days

Also I’d like to make note I don’t typically count pounds or numbers.

There was a point in my life where this was a very unhealthy obsession and I’ve found I just check on how I feel and most importantly how my clothes fit. But for the purpose of this exercise to give you all the good details, I did weigh myself.

So let’s hop right in.

Sunday I weighed in at 129. Which is where I typically find myself. Around the 130. I’m 5’7.

Sunday routine:

15 min intense cario (100 floors on the stair stepper)

Glute machine

30 mins sauna

-300 reps in the sauna

Monday I weighed in at 127. I do find typically with most people in the beginning the lbs. come off pretty quick. The real challenge is to maintain that and/or push past any plateaus.

Monday routine:

15 min intense cario (100 floors on the stair stepper)

Glute machine 2x each side

5 min squat variations


-bottom pulse

2 rounds bicep curls

2 rounds Deadrow

30 mins sauna

-300 reps core in the sauna

Thursday I weighed in at 130. Which wasn’t very surprising to me. I ate sushi with soy sauce and found myself soooo thirsty. I think the combination of this and the new pump release I did on Tuesday had me retaining more water weight than usual.

Thursday routine:

15 min stair stepper

30 min sauna

-300 reps core


Answering a few of your questions:

Q: How do I get past the plateau

A: shock the body with your work outs by getting the heart rate up. Typically I recommend doing this with interval training on the treadmill or the stair stepper.

Q: I get shin splints, do you have any recommendations for this?

A: there may be a few things going on. Shoes. Make sure you’re in a good shoe and they’re not worn down. Incline or overuse. If this is the case just try to push past it. Typically the last about a week and can come from new use or overuse. Ice and Ibuprofen will help you get past it.

Q: Whats your weight now and how do you maintain it?

A: i typically weigh in the low 130s. I maintain this by getting back on track quickly when I fall off and eating well most days and most meals.

Q: metabolism is stuck and I cannot get the energy up to get it back

A: during the cardio session of your work out, become completely breathless. Give your all during this time. Length is not as important as intensity for metabolic heart rate increase. On the treadmill you can set it to intervals and it will automatically move for you. Or just hit it hard until you can not (3 min) take a 15 sec breather. Then do it again.

My best advice is to find something that works for you and just get to moving.

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