All things Hair & Hair Extensions

All Things Hair and Hair Extensions

All Things Hair

All Things Hair and Hair Extensions

All things Hair & Hair Extensions


This review is based on my own opinion and experience

In this post, you’ll find the best solution for YOU to All things Hair and Hair Extensions. Because of my fine, thin hair I use hair extensions. I tried everything to get it to grow and I just couldn’t get it past my shoulders. Thats when I turned to extensions. I have used clip ins for years and they are very good, but sew in wefts are literally the best for me. They are basically the same thing as the clip and tape extensions, but at the base where the clip is there is no clip.


all things hair and hair extensions


The main question I get about these is does it ruin your hair. If you care for them properly, and get them moved up within the time frame (8 weeks) not at all.

If you’re going to use sew in wefts, call around, find someone who will install them. I have found that several stylists will not do this, because they want to use only their own hair, for understandable reasons.

What are your recommended hair precuts? Find my HOLY GRAIL hair products in the blog post here.

Also, it’s a misconception that extensions are only needed for length. They can also be used for volume. So short hair people can use these too!

Which hair is the easiest? Clip in hair is easiest because you can do it right from home. But sew in wefts for me beat clip ins because it’s actually like my hair.


The prices for sew in wefts vary for the hair and the application. As I have mentioned, in the past, do your homework. Some stylists were quoting me up to $130 per row to sew in. I found someone to sew my hair in for $30 per row. Also, another reasonably priced stylist quoted me $150 an hour.

I used two boxes (100 grams each) for a very full look, and used almost all of it.

20 inch extensions, balayage color (because my hair has grown out so much)

For 100 grams (depending on the length) you should be looking around $80-100, depending where you purchase the hair.

Again some salons were quoting me over $500-700  for one row of hair (that’s prob 80 grams). So don’t be afraid to do your homework and get creative.

It is recommended to get the wefts moved up every 8 weeks because they grow out with your natural hair. Stick to this so the hair does not get matted up.

The product should last 6 months to a year depending on how you take care of it. I use the Olaplex product above, and bio silk consistently – on the roots at the line and through out.

Up next on the agenda, longer and blonder!



Click this link:

Determine what kind of extensions you want – sew in, tape in, clip in.

Clip in you can of course do at home, tape and sew you’ll need to see. stylist who can install them. ** Don’t be afraid to call around for pricing**

Determine the color. Some stylists may require you bring in a color ring so after they color your hair (if you highlight or color it) they can match your hair.  Some may not, some you can just bring the hair in. Determine this.

Then decide length. 24″ is pretty exaggerate, which is why I am choosing that hahaha

I have worn 18″ clip ins, they were great. I also wore 20″ sew in wefts. The length was about the same. It’s a good length for starters.

Then decide HOW MUCH HAIR?

Do you need one box or two? Talk to your stylist about this. HOW many grams of hair do you need? Try to buy the 100g box.

I used two because as I mentioned I have very fine hair. But it was a lot of hair. This time I probably will not use two boxes…. time will tell!



What KIND??

Who will INSTALL it?

How much HAIR (grams)?

Which COLOR?

How LONG??


Having the hair of your dreams is totally possible and I LOVE my extensions.