What do you eat??

September 4, 2018

Today I have the honor of answering one of the most asked about questions! But first. Thank y’all so much for asking this question. I think it is so important to address because it makes a life changing difference in who we are, how we feel, how we operate, how we help others. I heard it best said

Our health is our true wealth.

Not only does what we eat impact our physical appearance, it impacts how we feel how we sleep how we function and our overall health.

For example, as I recently learned, if we are not getting enough red meat (grass fed) or iron from plants in our diet, (I clearly wasn’t) we most likely don’t feel our best, we may feel tired, experience muscle spasms.

Let’s just be clear. I love my current diet. I don’t feel constricted or limited, anymore, and I really believe like that’s the way we should live.

. Balanced and Free .

But it hasn’t always been like that. As with most things they have their story and their own process. I’ve struggled with my “diet” aka eating in so many ways. From health issues to body issues, it was a process and a lot of work to get to this place of balance.

But I now know that what I eat is going to lead to how to feel, how I sleep, how I function, of course how my pants do or don’t fit. So from my own personal experience I found out, if you want to be as healthy as possible and feeling your best, with as little health issues as possible, you can control part of that with what you feed and/or drink your body.

And most importantly!

Eating better can taste good!!

Now everyone’s health and needs are a little different. Understanding where you are currently and where you want to go are key in developing what to eat. With a recent adjustment to adding red meat back into my routine, I am at a maintain point currently. So I’m not looking to gain muscle, lose weight, I just want to be healthy, take care of my insides, sleep good and feel my best. So I eat accordingly. If I was trying to lose weight, add muscle, fix something else, I may adjust this slightly, as I do with some of my Dietary clients.

So to begin to answer your question….

I really eat what I want. BUT my perspective has changed so much that what I want has also changed. See, once you begin to learn about how food really impacts your well being and can be your medicine to help you, choosing better choices becomes what you want to do!

1. I eat in/at home 6 of 7 days. Yes it takes time, researching recipes, building the list, getting the groceries, preparing the food…. but now a days with all the Monsanto mess, and just to eat well, this is the safest choice for me and my family. If you have any questions, I offer dietary coaching and hold a plethora of knowledge to help with this burden.

2. I exercise/move often. I train HIIT and recommend this for most of my clients depending on their needs, injuries, etc. This type of training (combined with your diet) is a game changer if you’re looking to lose weight.

3. I have a healthy balance of muscle mass so even when I am resting my body is burning calories and working for me. (Being friends with that metabolism and helping it help you is KEY!!)

4. I eat 3 meals and 2 small snacks a day. So I don’t “snack” but I do eat 2 small snacks.

5. I don’t drink alcohol. Having the recommended “one drink” just wasn’t worth it for me. And having more than one is not worth everything it does to me. Slows down metabolism, is a natural depressant, impacts sleep and REM, adds calories (yes, even plain vodka). If you’re looking for balance, try eliminating this just 2 weeks and see how your body responds. Trust me, there was a time if someone told me to slow down my drinking I literally could not imagine it. While my story is very different, it was the best decision I have ever made (and celebrate 5 years sobriety in September).

6. I choose the healthier option. Sometimes we don’t even know the impact of certain foods on our minds and bodies but everything we eat or drink will impact us one way or the other. I always tell my clients, is it going to take you towards your goal or away. The choice is yours. For example if you’re trying to lose weight, while cous cous is a good option as opposed to certain rice, it’s high in carbs. So stay away from the carbs (for now) and add lettuce or a lower calorie options.

7. More water. Buy a water bottle you love and keep it next to you and filled.

8. Healthier drink options. I mainly drink Sparkling water and water with fresh lemon and lime. Actually I think that’s all I drink. And fresh juices. Incorporate more of this so you’ll have less space and room for the other options 😉

Now to answer your question. My morning/lunch meals don’t deviate too much. I love what I eat and they make me feel great so I don’t have the desire to change it.

I do change our dinner meals because I want to give my family a variety and also give that to my body. I try to get different color vegetables in and keep the protein high and carbs low.

Breakfast generally consists of something of the following:

Fresh smashed avocado toast with goat cheese and coconut oil drippings.

Lunch generally consists of:

Greek yogurt.

Y’all. The Danon Vanilla or other fancy fruit yogurt is not your healthy yogurt choice. It kills me because so many things on our market CLAIM to be healthy because they are yogurt or because they low fat or low sugar. This is not necessarily the case. In most situations if you’re eating yogurt it should be Non fat Greek Yogurt or something similar, maybe a coconut yogurt.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.


100% Greek yogurt, tons of protein , low carb and low fat, with all the berries. I add granola, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, drizzle of honey and depending on my day, exercise activity maybe half a banana.

I may have shake, I may have a small salad.

Dinner options vary. Typical a protein with a veggie, incorporating cauliflower rice, cauliflower mash, different options with that. Cauliflower pizza! Yes…. but with healthy options.

Tacos, but with healthy options. Ground turkey, sweet potatoes baked with cumin.

Among several other different recipes.

In dietary, also comes several other tips and tricks that help assist with digestion and getting that metabolism working for you.

So as you’ve heard over and over options. Choosing the right foods that will help us and take us where we want to go.

What a GREAT question.

I’m crazy about you guys.

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