Summer Salad Recipe

June 8, 2019

ACV Summer Salad


salad with spinach and strawberries

There is nothing more fun in the summer than summer time food and drinks!

This is a recipe that the whole family can enjoy – even with the spinach. It’s super healthy for you but doesn’t necessarily taste that way. I am not a big fan of spinach but the dressing on this completely changes the flavor and taste while also giving you heart healthy ingredients!


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girl eating salad from bowl having fun

Salad Ingredients



Sliced almonds



Dressing Ingredients

1/4 c ACV (I use braggs)

1/3 c Olive oil

2 teasp Dijon mustard

1 tsp Garlic

1 squeeze Lemon



Salad Instructions

Rinse spinach

Combine other ingredients and mix around

Dressing Instructions

Blend ingredients and mix throughly through salad

The blender I use is off Amazon and I literally use it for everything. It’s so easy to use and clean and works like a champ.


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