Refresher Drink Recipe Mint Lemon

May 4, 2019

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Mint Lemon Refresher Drink

Ready for the best Refresher Drink Recipe?

This one was Inspired by my Mother in Law, and I can promise you, any food or drink recipe that comes from her, will be amazing. That is how it is in their culture and one of the great benefits I get to partake in!

Introducing you to the Refresher Drink

Starbucks by far has some of the best refresher drink recipes. Such a perfect option to coffee or just to cool off, we have to do that often in Florida. Also, my Dad is not a coffee drinker so this is a really great drink for him while my husband and I are sipping on our Cappuccino’s.

I will be saving you a trip to Starbucks for the Refresher because you will now be able to make the Refresher Drink at home!! Not only is it delicious…. it is so good for you!

The mint is said to help speed and ease digestion (which may also support healthy cholesterol levels).

And the lemon is detoxifying and will play as a detox.

This is so easy to make and a drink everyone will love.

I do want to note that the brown sugar can be decreased (or increased according to your liking).

Refresher Drink Recipe


8 lemons

Package mint

Brown sugar

1 pitcher ice cold water

mint lemon refresher drink recipe for home, parties or detox


Juice 8 lemons – remove seeds

Remove mint leaves from stem


1/4 c brown sugar (you can add or lessen this to your taste/diet)

1-2 liter of water

Blend all together, until mint leaves are very tiny

Serve! & Send me a pic! @tiffanyallison7

Pro tip: Replant your mint stems, water them and watch them grow for your next Refresher!
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