Maya Kaimal Indian Recipe

August 18, 2019

Indian Spice Recipe with Maya Kaimal 

You and I both LOVE EASY meals! And this little jar of Maya Kaimal definitely makes that HAPPEN. I made the most delicious five ingredient meal and this is one the whole household will enjoy! I used the Kasmiri Curry Indian Simmer Sauce and this was so delicious. Maya Kaimal has several sauce options. These plant-based proteins are so satisfying you’ll want to eat them everyday!

The recipe I will provide for you below also makes the best leftovers. So, I would recommend using the big bag of rice and all of the vegetables for extra meals!

1. Rice

2. Edamame

3. Broccoli

4. Shrimp

5. Jar Maya Kaimal 

Directions are so simple.
Boil the rice. Heat up the veggies. Then cook the shrimp.

COMBINE all ingredients and pour your jar of Maya Kaimal.

Indian Spice Recipe with Maya Kaimal.

Maya Kaimal is available on Prime. You will love these exceptional Indian home-style sauces that are packed in glass jars with a two-year shelf life. Maya Kaimal uses premium all natural ingredients and traditional techniques.  This line offers the convenience of being a pantry item, so a satisfying Indian meal can be yours anytime!

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