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August 10, 2018

I hesitate to call it diet even though that’s what it is, it’s your eating regime, and I get tons of questions about mine.

Do you eat pizza?

Do you eat dessert?

How big are your portions?


And to be honest, I don’t really think I do anything special, but as I tell my clients, I choose the better option.

I eat red meat – I wasn’t for a while but my doctor advised I begin eating it for iron/increase blood circulation.

I eat pizza – often but i eat it healthy and have two or three pieces.

I eat dessert, but a small amount, and I eat it often. Sometimes it’s just whip cream sometimes it’s a small bon bon.

But most importantly, I exercise. And I have always exercised. And when I didn’t exercise for a few days, I wouldn’t eat bad.

To not gain weight you need to not go over your daily caloric intake. So you either eat very well, or you eat and enjoy it but you work out.

And to be in tip top shape, you do both more often than not.

Too often people make excuses and eat whatever they want, don’t exert any calories or energy and then wonder why they are gaining weight or not losing weight.

Now I understand there are many health related reasons – hormones, injuries, but I am generally speaking.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, right now isn’t the best time to balance. One day you will, and depending on the weight you want to lose it may not be long. But first it is most important to get the diet in check and add exercise. If you’re just trying to tone and not lose weight, add some strength training to your routine. It doesn’t take much.

Eventually, as I tell my clients you can have the pizza in moderate portions, you can enjoy what you want but at first if you want to drop the weight quickly, get the diet right and get with a trainer and incorporate high intensity training.

Exercise isn’t just good for losing the weight. It’s good for mental clarity, it’s good to extend the longevity of life, its good for your mood, it helps you sleep better, it’s good for a plethora of other things!!

Mainly, enjoy life. Enjoy feeling your best! Enjoy eating. Enjoy drinking, if you chose, but as I had to learn the hard way, moderation…. and exercise!

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