What’s your name?

January 7, 2017

A co-worker came over with a burdening on his heart to tell me the following story.

A Pastor wanted to give back to the homeless community. So, he went downtown with food to feed the hungry. He found a particular man he wanted to commune with. He began talking with the homeless man. Simple questions, how is your day and do you like the food, to deeper questions like what is your story and what do you miss most about not being homeless?

The Pastor uncovered this man had since been a multi millionaire whose house burned down and he lost his job within a close time period. He had been very well off, with a lovely wife. At the downturn of this season, she decided instead of supporting in the bad, she would leave and not fulfill her vow. In a nasty divorce, he ended up with nothing. And became homeless. Being homeless for him was painful because people always thought he brought this on himself and that he was worthless. What he missed most about not being homeless was hearing his name. He said it had been 4 1/2 months since anyone had even acknowledged him or said his name. No one asks how he is doing or if he had a good day. No one calls his name for a dinner reservation that his table is ready. Simply put, he has not heard anyone acknowledge him in almost five months.

Everyone has something that someone else needs. This homeless man had a story that would soon impact one by one, the homeless population.

Because, the next day after I heard the story came my turn. I am sitting at the red light. There he is. With one arm and American flags. I could simply act like he doesn’t exist, avoid eye contact, hope the light will turn green. Or I can use the opportunity to make a difference in his life. My brave and courageous boyfriend rolls the window down.

“Hi, what is your name?” To protect him I will change his name, “Bob.” “Hi Bob, I don’t have any money, but is it ok to ask how I can pray for you?” “Yes! That would be the best thing ever. Knowledge and wisdom. Knowledge and wisdom.”

Your turn! Pay it forward and let me know how it goes! 💖💖💖

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