Throw kindness around like glitter! 

January 10, 2017

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. I was at the gym this morning having my typical 6 AM Monday morning workout when I was leaving a girl asked me if she could share her goal with me so I could continue to check on her. I said sure. She wanted to get down to 199 pounds for the first time ever so she could take exercise classes – right now it hurts her too much. I thanked her for sharing with me and encouraged her that I’m here for her. Then I asked if I could share with her one of mine? She said yes. So I told her one of my greatest prayers and goals for healing in 2016. I shared a little of my story and she was in shock this was even going on. See on the outside we never know what someone has gone through or is currently going through. That’s why we’ve been instructed, above ALL else to love each other deeply. Ladies, let’s do this. Today I am believing for less offenses and victims, and more offenders and victories! 

Outfit details : Dress , Scarf , Similar hat , Sunglasses

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