Backpacking across the border trip PLUS a dream resort

July 18, 2016

I flew into Liberia and took a car to beaches in COSTA RICA. From Liberia to a Hostel in Tamrindo (name not recommended) LOL

 I stopped in Santa Cruz and took some pictures and went to a Catholic church while traveling. Then we went to Tamarindo church for Easter. This was a Christian non-denominational church.

This is an American family who is making an incredible difference in their community.

You can VISIT them here: 

I had an amazing time worshipping. There is just something about being with other people in a land far away, loving the same Jesus and singing to Him knowing He hears us and it makes His heart smile. 

Also, this is the dress that was featured on my Facebook page people were asking about. SUCH A GREAT PRICE!!! Yes, only $39.

From Tamarindo to Playa Flamingo. From Playa Flamingo to one of my most favorite places EVER – Sugar Beach Hotel in Playa Potrero – this is a GREAT place for a wedding!

Find the link here to check it out. Sugar Beach Hotel Incredible prices and right on the beach.

There is a great restaurant there so there is really no reason to even leave the hotel!

From Potrero to Playa Coco in car – I found a place off AirBnB that I am not going to recommend lol

From Coco, we took a Bus to the border where we crossed the border ON FEET to Nicargua to San Juan Del Sur.

Then we hiked across the border into Nicaragua. It was SO fun….. and so exciting. You know that adrenaline rush feeling, lots of that!

With military men surrounding us and patting us down. 

Here I met a friend as we were crossing the border, her name was Eloise and she was from Austrailia. She was doing something similar but she would stay in Hostels and travel for lengthier periods of time.

 If you are traveling with a friend or by yourself this is a GREAT option.

She was volunteering at a ZOO to play with monkeys. Totally recommend this even though we didn’t get to do it.

 The beaches in Costa Rica were absolutely incredible.

I rode a horse down the beach and there are a ton of other activities at Diamante Eco Adventure Park (5 star PARK) – including the BEST ZIP LINING an ANIMAL SANCTUARY and incredible views.


I was in awe. I cannot believe they even make places like this?!

Andaz Peninsula Papagayo Resort
I slowly drove up the mountain and it continued to get more beautiful and more beautiful.

The grass got more green and more green then the further you went the more amazing it got.

Until you got to the very end, and all you could see was, overlooking an infinity pool, mountains, water, and monkeys above you.

I wanted to stay but it was too expensive (approx $400 a night).

So instead, I had lunch – which was AMAZING.

 Thank God!! For Google Maps, which I used to get from point A to point B.

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