Packing light

February 18, 2017

How to get through security, the plane, baggage claim, the lines and crowds as efficient as possible? 

Pack light. Pack easy. Bring more money than you do clothes. I used to be one to over pack because I might need this or I may want to wear that. And then I would end up with all this stuff when I was supposed to be getting away from all the stuff. 

When I travel to Central America, I try to pack as light and easy as I can. So I only have a carry on, I don’t have to check bags, I can check in online, I can walk on the plane, throw the bag in the over head bin, and walk off the plane and to where I need to go. 

I pack necessities and believe it’s okay to wear an item again – pair of shorts, particular top. I packed 13 light weight rompers and dresses that fold down easy, 2 bathing suits, a cover up, a skirt and top for church and four pairs of shoes – plus the high top boots that are easy to travel in that I’m wearing. I know I am going through security and I may have to take my shoes, so I wear something easy to slip on and off – these have side zippers. 

My last idea is to buy the travel set from Walmart that allows you to take your liquids in small amounts. I used to bring the whole bottle which would require me to check the bag and take up a ton of room but now I can put my plethora of creams and liquids into a smaller quantity and it takes up so much less space and time. 

Any more travel easy and light ideas?? I’d love to know! ❤

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  • Chloe February 19, 2017 at 6:35 am

    Great advice about what to take for a journey on the plane, I must try it myself.
    Love your post, you look fab in your denim shorts.


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