Greece Trip

June 13, 2017

Arrived in Greece and thought I was going to two different islands – Mykonos island and Santorini. When we arrived in Mykonos we didn’t see the hotel name with the shuttles. We quickly found out we were at the wrong island! Not too shocking since there are 2,000. But still, our hotel was actually one island further than where we had just flown in from. So. To be honest. I was kind of glad about this wrong arrival because as inconvenient as it was, one of our taxi drivers told us Mykonos was a party island and that’s just not my style and I really did not want to deal with that type of atmosphere for a week. I was hoping for rest relax good food sun shade quietness. God knows the desires of our hearts! So we hustled and bustled and found out the only way to get to the island, Crete, that our hotel is on is to fly the same way we just came (only about an hour from Athens) or take a ferry. So we took a ferry which was such a great idea. On a huge champion jet boat we traveled five islands in five hours and then arrived in Crete. And I couldn’t have been happier! This is the island the cab driver recommended instead of Mykonos!!! So so cool. 

The hotel was spectacular and the beaches that were recommended were something I could only imagine in a dream. We visited many in Crete since we rented a car on the island. 

The water was blue blue blue – clear blue which was just amazing to me. We swam out farther than we could even stand, without a current, with a little fear! This was it for the large island of Crete with a population of about 620,000. Best beaches and hotel I’ve ever experienced. 

In Crete I recommend renting a car because of the size of the island. 

Balos beach – really my favorite however it was a hike getting to and from! So worth it though

Elafonisi beach – my favorite mainly because of convenience 

The Secret beach – my second favorite mainly because of the privacy. 


Now off to Santorini..

Santorini is your typical rest relax silence peace place. For me it was the most amazing place I have ever visited. We didn’t have a car so we stayed at the hotel most of the time. Which was great in my perspective because in Crete we did a lot of sight seeing! And this hotel was the best I’ve ever experienced. The stafff was at your service the views were perfect the food was amazing the amenities were more than enough. 

Here’s my amazing photographer 😉

We went from Santorini to a small town called Oia – with the typical blue roofed cathedrals. We ate very well at Perivoles and had a lot of rest nice meals and time in the steam room! 

On our last day we were getting a little cabin fever and just wanted to get out. So we rented a four wheeler and went to some great beaches and a cute small town. 

The white beach

The black beach 

We went to another small town that was about twenty minutes on the ATV called Imerovigli

It was a beautiful trip! And comes highly recommended. If we go back we want to visit Milos which we heard was amazing. We were going to incorporate it in this trip but once we got to each of our locations we couldn’t leave! 

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