Tyson Pet Chews

December 11, 2019

Hi friends! I was BEYOND excited to find Tyson Pet Chews recently. But even more excited to share them with you. I know so many of you have four legged babies that you love like your own children.

I love spoiling Larry and one of his favorite things are treats. But he’s super picky. He really only like to eat the best, otherwise, he just doesn’t have a taste for it. And to be honest, I am okay with that. Now a days, there are so many different products on the market with so many ingredients. The moment I opened that bag that little black nose started bouncing!

A couple of things I noticed right away with Tyson Pet Chews was the smell, the size of the treat and the texture. They did not smell like dog treats, they smelled like something that I would cook for dinner! They were large in size and gave him something to actually chew on. This has been huge for us because when we leave Larry gets anxious, so we’ve been giving him a Tyson Pet Chew to keep him occupied and full while we are away. The texture is perfect for dogs!! It is very thick so it actually lasts and allows him to chew on it for a little while.



Larry has shown sensitivity to certain foods, so we have to be careful of what we feed him. Otherwise he will be itchy and uncomfortable. We had been giving him an allergy pill for a little while, but we didn’t like the side effects, like liver problems, with long term use. So, we decided to get to the root of the problem, and started eliminating things like wheat and dairy and he has had no problems at all. Tyson Pet Chews WORK for Larry and we were so happy to find a product that is 100% Natural and that the number one ingredient is Chicken! They are Sourced and Made in the USA with No Artificial Flavors No Preservatives. No Corn, Wheat, or Soy and No Animal By-Products so you, too, can feel confident in what you’re feeding your babe!

This post is sponsored by Tyson True Chews and all opinions are my own.

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