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November 8, 2019

What a real honor it is to partner with AdventHealth for Women (Florida’s Top Hospital) on this exciting journey, becoming pregnant.

We typically hear first about the pregnancy announcement, but we rarely hear very much about the process of becoming pregnant, for very valid reasons. First, it’s a very intimate topic, and people just want their privacy. Also, fear of the future. What if I can’t, what if something goes wrong. And, maybe because it just happened without even having to try!

Whatever the personal preference that a woman decides on, it makes total sense why there isn’t a lot of coverage. But my husband and I decided this is a journey we want to take together with you. You guys are such a huge part of my life. Every. Single. Day. So, this is what really feels right for us, even though, yes, it is very unknown.

I truly consider it a blessing my husband was so diligent in his research to find me the best hospital for labor and delivery. AdventHealth offers customized care that is coordinated throughout a woman’s lifetime including elite prenatal care, comprehensive specialty care and a wide array of preventative care options and health education programs. 

AdventHealth for Women offers world-class physicians, cutting-edge technology and a full spectrum of nationally recognized women’s health care services at four locations in Central Florida. We chose the AdventHealth for Women Orlando location. Plus it is the most gorgeous building. The labor and delivery center, called The Baby Place, is absolutely stunning. Massagers in the shower, a doctor available at the hospital 24/7, a Level III NICU floor directly above labor rooms, VIEWS from the room, and the list goes on.

From my first interaction with the hospital, I just had that feeling, this might be the one. Earlier this year I had called around to several hospitals to learn more about their services. I wanted to take the hospital tour, but the only one that would allow me to tour not pregnant was AdventHealth for Women. And not only did they allow me tour, they answered questions, they consulted with me one on one, and most important they introduced me to Doreen, Women’s Health Navigator. That day, April 2019, I had made the decision where my family and I would deliver.

Hospital was super important for me, I mean after all, that is where you will be having the baby! But, as I found out early on, not all doctors deliver at all hospitals. So yes, like me, you could LOVE your doctor, but not like the hospital they deliver at.

So, I ended up sacrificing my doctor for a hospital and team that I LOVE, and now Doreen is helping me find a doctor that delivers at AdventHealth for Women Orlando.

Who is Doreen?

Doreen, AdventHealth for Women’s Health Navigator, is a complimentary resource that all women get to benefit from when they become involved with AdventHealth.

She is one of the main reasons I chose this hospital for our labor and delivery. Being able to have someone available and dependable to help navigate so many of the intricate details, is invaluable.

I met Doreen on my tour of the Baby Place in Orlando about 6 months ago. When I first met Doreen the first thing I noticed is that she was a really good listener. I knew that because I am a really good talker! She listened, addresses my questions directly, called back when she said she would. And then I quickly learned, I can trust her!

One of the other really great benefits to having Doreen is that she is also a Registered Nurse, which having the two roles in one has been so important. Cord clamping, pulling the baby out, using a mirror, all those confusing, uncertain questions, she makes feel so comfortable and easy.

I have asked 101 how to’s and what if’s, and it sounds like we are well on our way to HOPEFULLY having a BABY!

And then….

After six months of getting to know Doreen via phone, I wanted to come back in to finalize the last few pieces of this puzzle. Doreen was constantly available to accommodate any means of communication. Phone, voice mail, text, email, she really did it all for me. Even up to meeting her in person.

  1. Finding a doctor. One thing that was really important for me was that the doctor who sees me throughout my pregnancy be the same doctor who delivers me. Yes, I know, I am old school. BUT the majority of the larger practices rotate doctors. That means, there’s a possibility the doctor you love is not the one that delivers you. My mom still sees the same doctor that delivered me, so I think its just a tradition. The second thing that was really important for me is that she be a “high risk” doctor. Better to be safe. After visiting a couple doctors on my own, I learned Personality styles play a role when it comes to finding the best fit for a GYN. This you can only learn once you meet with Doctor and get their feel. Doreen really owned this situation and aligned my needs with the perfect Doctor.
  2. Tackling some insurance hurdles:Doreen helped me game plan and uncover the right questions to ask my insurance, like, what all do they cover, do they offer any special benefits or pumps after baby is here, and other very important items I would have had no idea about (first time Mom here).

It was so good to visit the hospital again, and see my team there. Doreen helped make this whole process easy and more personable. She really knows what women want and she is able to be the build the right connections. She even knew the office manager by name at the new doctor I am trying.

I can honestly say they are one reason why we decided to be so vulnerable in sharing this process. Knowing we have experts on our side with AdventHealth for Women really boosted our confidence and allowed us to move forward full of faith.


We thank you for your continued prayers during this process!

If you are considering having a baby I encourage you to reach out directly. Also, if you are interested in learning more about the process, I promise, You will love Doreen! You can contact Doreen directly via this link. Also, the vanity to schedule a tour of the Baby Place is

More details to come soon!


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