Holiday Gift Guides

For the very, special woman


For ALL the men

Travel bag with a solar charger!

The BEST cologne.

New sneakers because they always can use new sneaks.


A DRONE! Because playing is one of their favorite things to do.,

Gifts under $50

The coziest pom blanket!

New PJs!

Cozy socks.

New coffee Mugs, especially with our initials, is always great to receive, and USE!

Fitness Gal Gift Guide


A new gym mat is always a good idea for that gym go-er!

A new headband!

The perfect gym bag that is not too big but big enough to carry our mat!

Gym socks, because we are at the gym, not shopping!

Our very own eye pillow! Many instructors have these but we would never buy one for ourselves.

For the Boss

A gorgeous paperweight to dress up any Boss’s desk!

A fun sand picture to help brighten up or ease any day.

A gorgeous Kate Spade ball point pen with striped case.

Earn some extra points with the Best Boss Ever glass coffee mug!

The Traveler

I have the inflatable pillow/eye cover and this is THE best to travel with!

How COOL is the scratch off map!

Hand sanitizer is ALWAYS a great gift for the traveler.

We would love a passport cover but would never buy one for ourselves!

The PERFECT travel backpack in size and style.

HOW much money AND time I would have saved with the suitcase weigher! Great guide idea!

The Make Up Lover