World mental health day

October 10, 2018

In honor of World Mental Health Day, I am sharing How to love people with depression and anxiety. When we don’t personally experience something it can be hard to understand or help someone else. Because typically we love and help others how we would want to be helped. But that’s not the case for those dealing with depression and anxiety. See, loss, devastation and trauma all have a way of manifesting in our lives. Often times if it’s not worked through with a professional it may come out in forms of anxiety, depression or PTSD. It can also be generational or environmental.

How to love someone dealing with forms of anxiety and depression:

1. Recognize they are struggling in ways we may not understand

2. Reassure them of our love for them. Over. And over. And over again

3. Check in on them. Send messages of love, a song, an uplifting quote. You know what it feels like having a really awful day where everything goes wrong? It feels dark and you’re just frustrated. People with anxiety and depression often have long bouts of this feeling – up to a week, or sometimes even a month. And they just can’t get out of it.

4. Recognize that that their feelings are real but reassure them they are going to be ok

5. Pray for them

6. Set your own healthy boundaries but never, ever give up on them. No matter what

7. Don’t take their behavior or frustrations personally

8. Be very quick to forgive!

Mental health is real. And while we may not understand, it can save a life to support and be there.

Sending y’all so much. And if you or someone you know is feeling like giving up, always phone a friend. Never be ashamed to ask for help. We all need a little help sometimes!

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