What’s the point of Self Care

August 11, 2019

What’s the point of Self Care

I’ve gotten a lot of questions recently about beauty and the why behind some of what I choose to do. So let’s dive in to What’s the point of Self Care. I want to preface this post with this.

Happiness and joy comes from within. Deep inside the heart. Security and confidence come from knowing who we are in God and trusting Him with our life. No surgery or any other beauty procedure will “fix” that longing. Maybe temporarily. But we will always feel that pull for more. And it’s important that we know where to find it.

So first and foremost I think we have to check ourselves and make sure we are not finding our WORTH and IMPORTANCE in these things.

Some of the “beauty” routines I have started doing are not necessarily to feel better, but more for maintenance. I have hair extensions, currently lash extensions, dip on my nails, I have had a few spray tans and that’s really it. After kids I have a pipeline of things, starting with microblading, botox, amongst a few other things.

Let’s talk nails.

I painted my nails for one year straight to save money and when I went to the Revolve Festival I looked down and they were ALL chipped. I was shocked and said to myself NEVER AGAIN. Literally when the plane landed I had my husband take me right to the nail salon. Dip it is. And it is so good. Lasts for a month and never chips.

Hair extensions.

The best thing in LIFE, almost. I have worn hair extensions for six years. Really, I have just never had the best hair. It won’t grow past my shoulders, I have tried everything. And I want long hair. Thick, long, beautiful hair. Now, I know the truth is not that I am prettier with hair extensions. Beauty starts on the inside. But I do FEEL better with hair extensions. And if there is an available (affordable) option to help my hair, I am taking it!

Several of y’all had asked WHY I get extensions, complimenting my natural hair. I hope this helps clarify. My natural hair is nice and I am grateful to have some. Just because I have extensions doesn’t mean I don’t like my natural hair, but I just like extensions better. I don’t have to wash it everyday, its longer and thicker, it helps me not twist my hair. I hope this is making sense…..

I recently started tanning,

mainly because I just did not have the discipline to do my self tanner at home and I DO NOT tan in the sun (anymore). Now you will find me wearing a heavy SPF and try to stay in the shade or indoor. Lately I have been skipping my tanning at home and I personally just think a tan is just very pretty.

Above all, the purpose of What’s the point of Self Care is because I think it is so important that we FEEL beautiful. VERY BEAUTIFUL. Whatever that may mean. Going to the gym, taking yoga, reading the bible, doing your make up pretty or in a different way, certain procedures, getting a pedicure or a facial. These things ARE OK and are GOOD for us. Truth be told, I am very guilty of putting myself last, or putting myself off, my husband, my house, my business, the gym, all of this stuff can easily become a priority and it’s almost like we have to justify why we would spend time or money on us.

Lately I have been making self care a priority. I got my hair done for the first time in 15 months – y’all. Please don’t ever let me do that again. I got a facial. Then a pedicure. Recently I started spray tanning, getting my nails done, and obviously got longer hair. I went and purchased ALL new bras and panties and threw the old ones out. I purchased some new make up palettes and lipstick colors. Here are some of my favs. This eye shadow palette has been THE BEST and I love the combination highlighter, bronzer and blush – it is gorgeous on.

I invested in some new at home skincare that is CHANGING my skin!!

Again, I am a firm believer these things do not make us more beautiful. Only hope and love will do that. But they do help me FEEL more beautiful. And ladies, above all, we are BEAUTIFUL, and whatever it takes to help us FEEL that way, I say go for it. Buy the dress, get the facial, whatever it is.

We as women have it hard. Stress takes a toll. Babies, family, life, careers, the list goes on. So if there are options to help in an area life has taken a toll or in a place you may have what you want, that is a personal decision.

Most importantly, we truly have NO idea what other people go through. What their insecurities and fears are. So just as a reminder, be kind. Be supportive. Less judging, More loving.

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