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February 13, 2019

When I started my blog a couple years ago, my husband and I were using it as a creative outlet from Corporate America. But over time, the blog started taking up more and more time. Requiring more time, effort and attention. Recently, I have received so many questions about What I recommend for Starting a Blog.

While there are many that come to my mind, below are the five things that I know now that I wish I had known then…… if you love it let me know!

1.Quality and Consistency

I read about this a lot but it took me a while to make this happen. Because what I didnt quite understand was that they really need to go together.

You cant just have quality photos. The editing, the style, the colors, the grid feed also need to be consistent WITH the quality work. I have had quality photos for a while, but over time I began to understand there was MORE than just QUALITY content. Consistent content is what catches eyes. Check your backgrounds, check your filters, check your color scheme.

Be prepared to deliver on both of those simultaneously.

2. Relationship with partners

Find friends in your industry, photographers, brands, and your followers.

Grow, cultivate, nourish, these relationships.

Blogging is not a what’s in it for me type business. And its impossible to succeed alone.

It takes people who know you, love you, support you, believe in you…. AND (most importantly) vice versa! Just try to do NICE things for people, knowing you may not get anything in return. Be there for others. The hustle is important, but so is just thinking about you, how are you today?

3. Establish a strong Relationship with y0urself 

Be prepared and ready for critics. Not everyone will like you, nor will they always like your opinion or what you bring to the table. AND THAT IS OK. People will also not handle their dislikes very well. They may say mean things, be quick to judge, point out your flaws, gossip about you, not engage, the list goes on.

HOW WILL YOU RESPOND? React, get defensive, get angry, lash out back to them?

OR cultivate good conversation? and forgive. And thank them genuinely for their feedback. Don’t be afraid to mess up. And dont be afraid to apologize when you do. Be AN example.

For me this was a big struggle at first.  I used to be very sensitive, taking such offense if someone talked about me or said something negative towards me. If someone didn’t like me that perfection monster would rear its head and freak out. I would get insecure and self doubt would set in paralyzing me from doing anything else, causing me to second guess every decision. But, I will also say that blogging CHANGED my life. I will be forever grateful for this piece of growth in my life. Literally this stuff rolls off like water on a ducks back now (most of the time hahahah)

4. Do not give up. Purpose this in your heart now if you are thinking about starting a blog.

Be prepared to fail and keep trying new things.  As a perfectionist, this was super hard for me. Some people will just not like what you have to offer. BUT some will, actually a lot will!

At the beginning you may feel like you’re spinning wheels. It may be really challenging at times. Working in an ever changing environment, uncertain of algorithms, hours upon hours of effort with undesired results, but keep going. Keep creating content. Keep shooting. Keep reaching out. Keep researching. Keep building relationships.

5. Know your worth, what you have to offer & what you want from your blog

Cultivate relationship and trust with your audience and your Brands. You are their bridge. Get to know them. Engage with them. Offer variety for them. Not everyone can afford Designer, nor want that. Respond to them! I’ve emailed some “larger” account bloggers and never received a response or ANYTHING. I understand busy, but your people are your business. Even if its not lengthy, respond. Sometimes I can only respond with an emoji and my followers appreciate this SO much.

With Brands, if you work for free, they will be okay with that. If you plan to make a business and have professional quality content, and an audience who engages, know your worth! This business is INCREDIBLY challenging at times. It is so much more than a pretty instagram page. There is strategy, time, effort, a complete production that goes on behind the scenes to make that pretty instagram page. Sometimes it takes days or weeks to prepare for ONE shoot. Time to respond to people. Set up shoots. Actually shoot. Edit. Prepare. And then build new relationships. New campaigns.

Is this a hobby?

Is this a business?

Do you plan to work for free?

Do you plan to make this a business?

And set a plan of action accordingly.

Get ready for the most exciting, challenging, beautiful part of life! I have met SO MANY amazing people. Some of the best people in life. From my Brand partners, to other bloggers with the same hustle and supportive mind set, photographers, etc. Understand not everyone understands blogging, and that’s OK. It’s a fairly new concept. Be true to you, be comfortable with evolving, and don’t forget to have fun!

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