Valentine’s Day Ideas with Goodsey

January 31, 2019

A National Holiday I always debate celebrating, and 100% of the time give in because I want my honey to know I put his LOVE ON TOP!

But in my experience, a Valentine could be Daddy, Brother, and for me many years Grandpa.

Because of Goodsey, I have found the Perfect Ideas to celebrate him and make him feel appreciated and thought of.

Goodsey is a wishing and gifting platform that has unique and practical gifts for anyone! They have been especially helpful for me finding my “gifts for him.” I am always scratching my head on what to get my husband when it comes to gifting, but Goodsey has eliminated that difficulty for me and made shopping for him, her, oh, and me! so simple.


5. Cooler Back Pack

Who knew that bringing cold beverages to the party could be so sleek? The Commuter Cooler Backpack, classic, yet practical, keeps your food close and cold. Perfect for the person that’s always on the go, whether to work, the beach or anywhere in-between.

4. Boutique Beard Kit

Ok seriously, HOW classy.

Featuring products with the most natural and organic ingredients, this kit will clean, moisturize, and soften any beard! Oh, and you get a nifty comb too to keep that beard in fine looking condition!

3. Travel Charger Case – ok, I am adding this to my list! Eliminate the “my phone died” jargon

Perfect for your dearest jet-setter or go-getter, this is the case of your dreams—place for headphones, cash, cards, a charging station and a clean and stylish finish make this piece a travel essential.

2. Toiletries & A Nip – it includes a manicure set, playing cards and a ton of other guy essentials!

This is sure to be his favorite do-it-all travel kit. From shining his shoes to trimming his nails to cracking open a cold one and playing a hand of solitaire, this travel bag is stocked for his every wish and whim.



Here is what I am getting my husband because he desperately needs a home for his wedding band, watch, sunglasses, and all the other little trinkets I find laying around the house.

1. Carbon Fiber Accessory Box

Keep all the essentials in one place with an accessory box for your entryway, bathroom or bedside, that will make the “phone-wallet-keys”-dance a thing of the past


And for that special lady…. ie, YOU!


They have some of the cutest gift sets at such great prices.

5. BATH LOVER Lavendar Bath Set

Ok, what lady doesn’t love sitting in the tub for hours?? Add some lavender and we are in Heaven! This is a complete spa essentials and ALL products are 100% natural. Could it be any more perfect?

4. Super cool Personalized Fragrance Gift Set

Let’s be real, put my name on anything and I love it, but give me a new perfume with my name on it and I am elated! So cute!

3. Large Seeded Paper Flower Bouquet

The gift that keeps on giving! The paper contains a mix of the following annual and perennial seeds: Clarkia, Bird’s Eye, Sweet Alyssum, Snapdragon, Black-eyed Susan, English Daisy and Catchfly.

2. XL Spa Basket

Yall there’s like over 20 items in this thing and its under $40! The Ultimate Large Spa Basket includes everything you need for the ultimate At-Home Spa Experience & then some more!


Druzy Necklace Peach Moonstone Chain

This necklace is absolutely gorgeous. With graceful loops of delicate gold, crowned with a drop of semi-precious stone, this necklace is the perfect balance of bold and elegant. It is handmade and also is adjustable, able to be work looped at 17″ or 18″ or as a straight 34″ long plus 1″ drop.

and for that special lady who keeps you going in life….


Whether it’s mom, sister, bestie, MIL, neighbor, or a boss, now is the perfect time to shower her with your love and gratitude. I found two perfect gifts for HER!

The Spa Soak Bath Bomb Set and The Seeds of Life Wax Seal Bracelet

The Spa Soak Bath Bombs

include 11 colorful bath bombs in the most gorgeous box. The bath bombs include the scents of lavender, lemongrass, mint, eucalyptus, and grapefruit. They are made with 100% natural, 100% safe, pure, and non-toxic ingredients.


Seeds of Life Wax Seal Bracelet “Friends”

Goodsey has several options, such as love, OM for the yogi’s, believe, love, hope, healing and strength with multiple color options. Remind her that friendship lasts a lifetime with this vividly-colored bracelet with acai beads and a rustic wax seal. This is bound to become her favorite daily-wear piece!

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  • Dawn Shepard January 30, 2019 at 11:51 pm

    What great ideas for Valentine Gifts! Thank You so much

    • admin February 2, 2019 at 3:21 am

      Hi Dawn!! Aren’t they!! Such creative gifts. I love that they have options for my husband and mom!! Two difficult people to buy for.

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