10 Chic & Classy ways to style Skirts

April 16, 2019

10 Chic & Classy ways to style Skirts

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All about Skirts

It was not until recently that this desire and love for skirts took off. But now that it has, everything has changed. So, if you know me by now, you know I love denim shorts. Easy, coverage, comfortable, they are just my go to for practically everything. But when I purchased my first denim skirt this year (the black affordable one) from AMAZON, I have since purchased several other colors and styles.

Now, instead of grabbing denim shorts, I am typically grabbing a skirt. I have been wearing the same little ruffle skirt for almost every event. And the best part is that when you change the top or body suit, it changes the whole look!

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Let’s start with my most worn ruffle skirts. I do not have the affordable option, I included that as an option. For me, these skirts get so much wear. I started with the black one and ended up going back and purchasing also the white one. The material is very light weight almost a linen feel, but they do not wrinkle like linen. They run true to size I am wearing a small.

One look I have been loving so much is this oversized denim jacket with a denim skirt. It’s just so stylish.

One look yall have been loving is the moto faux leather jacket with the denim skirt. See this post for seven ways to style it:  7 ways to style a denim skirt

Keep it cozy and cute with a ball cap, a bralette, our fave little lose tee and a denim skirt.

This a line denim skirt is one of my go to’s. It’s denim so instead of grabbing shorts if I want to make it just a little cuter I grab this now. It runs true to size. I do not have the affordable options but have heard good things.

I do have the affordable option and it is just simply ok. If you are looking for something of better quality, this option may not be your fav. For the price, I do believe it is a good choice, but the fit is not like it would be on one of the grlfrnd skirts.

This gingham skirt is great quality, has a soft and durable material and for the price is one of my favorite finds! I just LOVE the print and the little ruffles. I was super impressed with this purchase.

Same feedback on this pink stripe ruffle skirt. It has everything. Style, material, price. It runs true to size and is around $16.

This little ruffle skirt actually comes in a two piece set and is so cute! I have the two piece set in black and its just the cutest. I do have the affordable skirt, the difference you will find is in the color. The affordable skirt is in brights. I also found the affordable skirt ran a tad bit smaller. I took a small in both but I felt like the bright skirt was a little shorter in the back. But both are ADORABLE and have a stretchy, fitted type material.

Affordable option:

And I could not wrap this up without sharing the skirt we rang 33 in with! So many questions on that outfit. It is actually a black mesh body suit with this high waisted skirt.

The skirt featured in the Instagram post is here. It runs true to size and is a perfect little white skirt. It’s a bright white and against the zippers is just so classy.

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