Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave

July 26, 2019

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Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave

A Burst of Something New from your new favorite Gum!

Pops of peppermint flavor with light crystal coating you will be left with long lasting fresh breath and a new found confidence!

If there is one thing I love it is fresh breath! But sometimes after coffee, lots of talking, and just getting through the day, it can be difficult to MAINTAIN that fresh feeling.

I have found a solution I have been loving.

Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave to the Rescue

Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave is a new flavor you will LOVE and literally be stunned at the fresh feeling! Little square cubes of perfection and my favorite part about it is that one will last you hours. After morning breakfast and that last cup of coffee, I will pop one of these and it will last me until lunch time. My husband loves when I have Trident on me because every one gets to stay fresh.

VIBES is a flavor-bursting journey in every sense. It’s incredible. It starts off with a light crystal coating and transforms into a smooth gum with pops and pops of flavor in between, so you get bursts of something new each time you chew.

What I love most about Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave is how long the flavor lasts. Hours after popping my first piece I was still chewing and tasting the flavor, which is so rare for gum. Packed with surprising flavor beads, Trident VIBES provides waves of flavor for long lasting enjoyment.

I grabbed mine at Walmart, where it’s now available in the check out line.

You will love how many come in the package as well. This keeps you from running out of gum quickly, and you will have something to keep you feeling fresh.

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Trident VIBES Peppermint Wave

Pops of peppermint flavor with light crystal coating you will be left with fresh breath and feeling so clean. Even after you finish chewing this gum and it makes its way to the trash can, that fresh feeling with stay with you and actually last.

 The round package makes it so easy to store, keep in the cup holder, or throw in your bag. The pop top also makes popping the actual gum so quick. Don’t worry about a wrapper, trash, or fidgeting to get a piece out. You’ll love the convenience of popping the top with one finger and having easy access to those FRESH little cubes.

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Available @walmart


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I love the pops of peppermint flavor with a light crystal coating!

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