Top 10 Travel Necessities

August 6, 2019

Top 10 Travel Necessities

Top 10 Travel Necessities

that will help your Travel be the Most Comfortable!

Be sure to check out the Nica Travel Guide to travel well and travel often. 

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  1. Travel Comfy! Something comfy to travel in NECESSITY. Something loose around the waist and easy to move around in. I can stretch my legs, move around, cozy and comfy. It just makes for a more enjoyable travel. 

sweater, travel necessity
  1. Stay Cozy! Bring an easy to pack Sweater. I cannot stand to be cold, especially on a plane where you just have to sit there and shiver. But finding a jacket that isn’t super thick and easy to travel with is important. I had having bulky stuff and just not being efficient during travel. We actually never check a bag, I can’t remember ever checking a bag with my husband. To Greece, to Nica, to Europe. Waiting for the bag, risking it getting lost, more stuff, just isn’t in it for us. Besides NOT having to check it saves so much time, energy and efforts on the front and back end. It’s really the best. 

battery charger, traveling
  1. Battery charger This has been a game changer for me. I wish I would have gotten it earlier. This little gadget is amazing. My husband and I are actually using it in the house now. It charges your phone completely in about 35 minutes (we timed it) and you don’t have to be attached to a wall. Also if you’re traveling it WILL for certain come in handy. It’s been a game changer.

4. Head rest – This is an inflatable head rest and eye mask and it easy to carry, it doesn’t take up much space, but will help with the comfort of your trip. Especially long trips. 

  1. Clear Bags & Bottles  – these for me are LIFE. I love trailing with ym clear bags because I can easily and quickly find stuff, if I need to grab my eyebrow pencil or lipgloss or something else from my make up bag its right there. Also these clear bottles are SO good and save SO much space. You will love them and how organized they help you. There is no need in my opinion to be trailing with big bottles of shampoo, face wash, lotion etc. These help you not have to do that.


5 more to go for the Top 10 Travel Necessities 

back pack, traveling
  1. Backpack – ABSOLUTE must for me. And I LOVE this new one I got. There are so many pockets that are easy accessible. I like being able to grab my passport, boarding pass, charger, my phone, a pen, my computer, my sunglasses. And this bag makes everything so easy to access. 


  1. Make up pads – cleaning your face and jut wiping it off after travel is SO refreshing. Especially if I have been wearing make up. 

ear pods
  1. Ear pods – HEADPHONES are just literally one thing I cannot be without. And the ear pods are LIFE. No more getting caught and untangling a mess of wires. Y’all know by now certain sounds just drive me crazy, that person popping the gum, and crunching the chips LOL, but really its just nice to kick back, watch some of the downloaded Netflix (which BTW did you know about this?) You can download Netflix on your app and watch movies on the way. Hubby has been LOVING this. I typically just work and write, prepare things for the upcoming week.

  1. Sneakers comfy shoes and socks props to the babes in the platforms and pumps!!! Not me. I just can’t do it. I need to protect my feet and be as comfortable as possible traveling. It really makes for a more smooth and comfortable comment. And I just find I am in a much better mood when I am comfortable. 

10. Airborne – Planes have AC that circulates throughout the plane, which means germs spread really easy, especially if you have it blowing on you. Just reached up and turning mine off hahah But staying on top of your health is a great way to get back and just go back to every day life, verses having to spend a week to recover. 

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