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September 8, 2018

In short,

Just. Don’t. Buy. It.

Hear me out.

A woman was recently sharing with me some of her discouragement on not being able to drop the weight she wanted to as quickly as she wanted to. She’s already in excellent shape and is extremely toned, but she wanted to drop about 5 or 10 pounds. I asked her what she felt her barriers were to losing the weight, she said I already know, it’s my diet. I drink too much wine, I love wine. I eat too much junk, I love potato chips, I love pasta. She began naming her barriers.

I talk a lot about OPTIONS, because this our CHOICES shape us, and literally in our diet.

Yall are never going to believe this and I am not proud to admit it, but I used to smoke cigarettes. I quit five years ago. It was an awful habit but one that I started and had a VERY hard time breaking.

Eating habits are very similar. If we are used to grabbing the potato chips or wine when we are hungry, bored, stressed, we need to not necessarily change the behavior (if it’s in this context) but change the substance.

If pasta is your nemesis, buy cauliflower pasta, or zucchini and a spiralizer.

If potato chips are your weakness, buy pumpkin seeds, buy almonds, buy a Lara bar.

So next time you’re in the grocery store, pass the chip isle, and ask where the almonds or seeds are, and when you get home put these where the chips went.

And if drinking is your weakness, don’t buy it. And possibly get rid of what’s in the house, temporarily.

See I understand. When someone used to talk to me about not drinking, I would literally think they were crazy and block what they were saying from there on out. BUT, if you have noticed it’s a weakness for you, you have the want to drop the weight/ reach the goal, more than you want the drink.

We can’t have both – for right now.  We can’t have the bag of potato chips and lose the weight. We can’t drink the wine and want to lose the weight. We can’t eat the pasta and lose the weight. It doesn’t need to be a forever thing. But if you enjoy it and its working for you, maybe it will turn in to that. But for now, take it moment by moment, making the next best choice.

And maybe you have had the same behaviors so long you don’t even know what your habits or choices are that may be hindering you.

For example, I had another client who wanted to lose weigh. She was eating things like greek salads, cous cous with hummus, all things that are really good for you when combined well.

For example, if you’re eating high carbs in the morning and eating high carbs in the night (cous cous with hummus) this combination while healthy may be hindering your ability to quickly lose the weight. Little things like this are reasons why working with a nutrition or dietary coach can be super beneficial.

Moment by moment. Day by day.

Stay encouraged, have extra grace for yourself, and don’t give up!

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