Ten things

February 12, 2019

There’s a lot of things you probably know about me by now and hearing from me over the past two years.

    I love shopping deals and finding new, good people and finds. And my passion is passing them to you.
    I work too much.
    I love my husband. And I really love my dog. Wait. I really love my husband. And I love my dog 🙈
    Dancing is my favorite thing in life.
    Music makes me happiest!
    I eat avocado every single morning.
    Pizza is my favorite food. And I eat it at least twice a week.
    Being too serious is no longer in my books

Ten things you probably didn’t know about me.

  • I tried out for the worship team at church and didn’t make it. I cried for days. Should prob stick to fitness. And fashion. On a good morning you will still catch me singing my heart out in the kitchen while preparing breakfast.
  • My dream was to run a marathon but I experienced some cardiac problems during the training when I reached mile 17 that prevented me from then or ever running a marathon.
  • I want to be a Mom so bad but I am unbelievably nervous about the whole entire pregnancy process.
  • I struggle with Anxiety, in particular “case specific anxiety” but have also seen great victories in this area.
  • I have a legit lizard phobia and when one is near you would think there is something severely wrong. And for me. There is 🤦🏼‍♀️
  • I completed a 12 step study program that came recommend by my counselor after losing my grandpa in 2014 and it was the hardest and best thing I’ve ever done in my life. I almost didn’t finish. But did.
  • I have tried and am still trying to learn a second language. I purchased Rosetta Stone, used a Spanish tutor online, and even went to Nicaragua with the desire to learn a second language. I still only know about 25% Spanish. There’s good reasons (husband calls them excuses) behind this!!!
  • I cheered from age 5 all the way through college and grad school. There I majored in psychology received a masters degree in business.
    I’ve been to five of the seven continents and look forward to going to the remaining two soon – Antarctica and Australia. Desperately wanting to go back to Asia and will prob hit Australia during that time.
    Im a personal trainer and yoga instructor and love training!!
  • Ya’ll have made me better.

  • Looks from Stories today 💗

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