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September 28, 2018

I could not be more excited to share this post because not only is it perfect timing with the Fall season upon us, I love this product.

I have really been hesitant about self tanners, but really had no choice but to use one if I didnt want my weird lines from working out outside to show. I came across this product over a year ago and have been using it since. You can probably tell from my post when I use my tanner because my photos look so much better! In this post I will walk you through the different products I use to give the perfect glow without the lines and weird discoloration.

See below for before and after.

The pre-tan exfoliating body wash was a new product I tried and I was very surprised at the results. Even a week later my skin still felt so smooth – even got compliments from my husband noticing my skin.

Then I use the actual dark tanner, applying in circular motions with the mit.

Then you will see I use the bronzing mousse on top which just gives an extra pop of color.  I use over my self tanner and I love the little extra tint that it gives my skin.

After that I top it off with the everyday maintaining body lotion.

I also tried the new wash off bronzer, which gives you the instant color without having to wait 5-6 hours for the self tanner to show up and this time I tried the face tanner which I was super nervous about trying. I turned out perfect though!

What I (and my husband) love most is that these products do not get all over the sheets and white furniture, but they stay on me keeping my tan in tip top shape.




This may be my favorite product, after the actual tanner. This is the everyday moisturizing lotion that smells so good and helps to maintain the tan you’ve already applied.

Easily shop all of their products at tanceuticals.com and read their reviews at www.selftanning.com

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