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January 19, 2019

Prior to meeting my husband I was engaged for a short amount of time. I had known a guy from church for and jumped pretty quick. Thinking back there were a bunch of emotions and pressures of all kinds. We had dated about three months and then we got engaged for about three months and about two months before the wedding I called it off. Things just were not feeling right and after several discussions with my family they recommend I take a little more time with my decision.

Shortly after my husband, who was an acquaintance, began pursuing me. For about a month month I answered no no no. I had just planned a 150 person wedding and then called it off and cleaning up that mess was enough for me. I was not in a good place to begin another relationship.

I contacted my pastor, my counselor, everyone I knew and said help! I think I’m really beginning to like the guy.

Then we had a work event that we both ended up at. After everyone had left he and I ended up staying and chatting alllllll night, at the restaurant. I invited him to church with me the next night and two years later we were married.

We decided to have a small intimate ceremony for our vows in the church my parents were married in and that i was baptized in. It was my grandparents church. And then we went for a celebration to Nicaragua and stayed in a gorgeous resort there. It was a blasttttttttt!

We joke around that at five years we will renew our vows and celebrate this great challenging incredible joyful love. But we will see. We can plan all we want but God will have His way 💗

Life is beautiful and our decisions good and bad influence it’s quality. My husband has helped me grow and break through fears I didn’t even know I had, but that were limiting me. If we allow people the opportunity, they will do that. Sharpen us. Mold us. Make us exactly who God has created us to be.



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