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January 5, 2019

I work out 3-4 days a week.

I do a combination of




I eat clean the majority of the day. Meaning I don’t snack much, I don’t eat many sweets through out the day. I eat a well rounded breakfast that keeps me filled til lunch.

Every night I have some kind of treat. And a couple nights a week we have pizza or we go out and have something like chicken wings.

I’m a huge fan of Balance.

Not eliminating long term. Sometimes it’s necessary to eliminate short term if you’re trying to reach a certain goal.

My weakness. Bread. Carbs.

I have always loved bread and butter. When I was a little girl I remember toasting the bread and spreading butter on it.

I also love sweet. Dark chocolate. Milk chocolate. Really any kind of sweet. And usually once I start it’s hard to pull back. So I eat sweets that are packaged and aren’t a full bag.

Drink in take is a big part of our diet. Lots of water. Flavored sparkling water. Kombucha. Water with lemon are some great options.

My encouragement would be to continue to stay aware. If you need to cut something out for a little bit do it. If you need to do a short fast to cleanse the body and get the mind focused do it. If you need to eat in more often do it. If you need to start eating breakfast do it. If you need to stop snacking and have just one snack do it. Every little thing makes a difference and each choice will drive us towards our goal or away from it.

Sometimes I’ll advise my clients to cut a lunch out and have a smoothie or a juice for a week or two. Or do short periods of fasting. Fasting is an amazing way to restart the immune system and also help grab a handle on any habits we want to break or make.

Whatever it is you want to accomplish set your mind to it and do it.

Make a list. Set your goals. And stay determined.

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