Pennys Portraits

November 28, 2018

What I love about most about taking our family portraits with JCPenney Portraits is our time together!!

JCPenney Portraits has the most beautiful selection of backgrounds. Last year we went with more darker colors and this year we chose the typical Christmas back drop which is seriously stunning and the white.

My husband isn’t the most expressive person you’ll ever meet (I probably am) and he even said this is the most fun activity we do for the holidays!

Pricing is one of the main reasons we chose JCPenney Portraits last year. We knew we wanted something beautiful and professional but didn’t want to spend a fortune. This was a great option for us!

This year we chose it because of our experience last year with their quality! The lighting, the people, the variety of package options is just untouchable.

They usually take upwards to twenty or twenty five photos and then you can choose your selection or the digital download with all of them (and the copyrights!)

Below are some of our favorites.

When it came to Christmas time we could only think of something that would allow you time together, having fun and allow you to have something memorable for the years to come!

Merry (almost) Christmas!

We love you so much!

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