New Years Goals

December 28, 2018

This year I feel it very heavy on my heart to not make a new year’s resolution. I am ALL about setting goals. Getting excited. Accomplishing tasks. Really. If there’s one thing I love it’s making a list and checking it off. I am your check lister! And usually I do make a list. A few things to really focus on and work towards. I do all that fluff. For a few months! Rarely the whole year, that I can remember.

But this year I am going with a word. One word to cling to and focus on. I was stuck between two. One of them was confidence. And I prayed through the word for a good month. And heavier and heavier came my focus word.


I am not your typical balance girl. With anything. I am not grey. I’m black or white. I’m all or nothing. While this trait has great benefits, I know it also needs to be controlled. This upcoming year my husband has a huge project he’s working on (yes another one lol). It’s very important for me to be available for him. To help him. To be there for what he needs.

As a wife I have committed to this as my number one priority. Be his helpmeet.

With my own business’s, I can often and very easily do get caught up in working. It’s become the household joke now because every time my husband asks me what I am doing, what did I do today, etc it’s always one word, “working.” And that’s good. My family has incredible work ethic and that is one thing that was definitely passed on. But I want to practice getting this a little more in tune. More FaceTime. More conversations. More checking in. More praying. More balance. In all areas of my life. Except shopping of course, just kidding! I want to eat better, more diverse. More balanced, particularly in the meat πŸ₯© area 😏

Focusing on Balance will allow me to stay healthy in many areas of life.

I’m not going anywhere or doing any less of anything. In fact, I am already way ahead of the game for 2019! I am coming strong with some affordable and creative content for y’all that I think you are going to LOVE.
I know full heartedly that when I honor God with my roles, my talents, my treasures He will reward me ten fold in blessing. And that’s not why I want to honor Him in balance, but it is a great perk!

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