New Season: White and Black Stripe Dress

September 21, 2018

Welcome to Fall, and Happy Birthday to my Grandpa!

Pa would have been 93 today, he passed away six years ago and sometimes it seems just like yesterday we were talking. Ya know heaven doesn’t seem so far away when I think about seeing him again. If you’re new here, he was my rock. My best friend. My confidant. My grace giver and grace reminder. And that is the reason I love a new season – GRACE.

It reminds me that seasons come and go. Just like in life. Recently I have been breaking life down in to seasons, and recognizing when the challenges come that this is only a season. And in turn, recognizing when the amazing times come, that I need to appreciate this moment, this season. If we are not aware of , and we make a bad day, a bad year, we get caught up into the whoa is me, victim mentality, and to be honest, life just sucks. No one can do enough, no one can do anything right, and that is just a miserable way to live.

GRACE for yourself, grace for others, and extra grace for those extra grace required people. You know the people I am talking about.

Letting things go, hurts from others and mistakes of our own. Releasing control because the seasons will come and the seasons will go. But happiness is found within. It can’t come from anyone else and it can’t be found in anything else. We can choose it. We can try to find the good even when it doesnt seem like there is any, and we can make a conscious effort accept our hardships as a pathway to peace. Not get stuck in feeling sorry for ourselves.

Because at the end of the day, God will never ever fail us, so if this hard time should birth some new and beautiful, welcome it with grace, love and hope.

Happy Fall YALL!!!

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