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October 28, 2020

Hair done… check ya nails… baby how ya feelin???

After leaving Ingrid I totally get why you would be feeling so good after getting your hair done! She did a transformation on me!! I am convinced, there is nothing better than hair day. And this time I did something I have been talking about doing for over a year! I had Ingrid install the Bellami Hair extensions – HEAVENLY!!!!! Yes, they are worth the splurge!!! Everyone told me that but it took me a while to make the jump.

So what happened? The company I was previously using for years for extensions started scrimping on quality and I was becoming unhappy with the hair and how it was maintaining itself over time. Not user error, promise! I knew it was the right time to invest in something that would last me longer and be much more beautiful. SO happyy about my decision! Also, ask Ingrid about her discount, because she leads the whole process and gets the hair at a good price.

What’s the hype on the Bellami hair and is it really worth it. The extensions are 100% human hair that have gone through their own color process. They are the top of the line when it comes to hair extensions. They stay new over the length of their life, verses just at the beginning. Yes its really worth it!

Why wear extensions? Whether its length, volume, or just to make the maintenance process easier, extensions are a fabulous idea. I have been wearing them for seven years. If you see the right stylist, like Ingrid, you will not experience damage to your natural hair.

Ingrid is a master stylist at Stella Luca Salon in Winter Park, FL. I have been seeing Ingrid for years, she is a Blonde specialist, but can do any color! I travel a ways to see her, because for me its worth it. As a blonde, I have experienced the horror stories and I just love how she does hair. From the excellent products that she uses, to her different techniques and her own talent when it comes to colors, and toners, she’s really the best. Over the time I have seen how my hair has improved so much in its overall health.

I have naturally thin and dark hair, and she transforms it to this UNBELIEVABLE beautiful blonde with so much thickness! See the transformation here!

Ingrid uses the tape in installation process for extensions. This was new for me and I am loving it! I have worn both natural beaded and now tape ins. I have also worn clip ins, and my favorite are the tape ins. I love how light they feel on my head!

We used two packs of different tone 18″ extensions. But Ingrid is the best to advise on your hair. I like mine really thick with a lot of hair for a big bun šŸ™‚ but when I had short hair we only used 4 tape in extensions!!! The extensions should be maintained well – for example, not using heat every day, washing 1-2 times a week. You will LOVE how long the style lasts and how much less you have to do your hair. I find it ends up being easier even though I have more hair and it is longer!

The bottom line is whatever look you are going for, Ingrid will make happen. Something else I feel like I should mention, because it is something that made me feel very comfortable with Ingrid, and its something that is important to me – she is honest. I have inquired from more than a handful of stylists on extensions and yes, you do pay for their time, but paying for their time and being ripped off are two different things in my book! And Ingrid is NOT a rip off. She is talented, does amazing work, she uses products that are GOOD for your hair, she has an accent that you will love listening to (hahaha) and she charges a fair price for her time. I just love that.

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