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February 19, 2019

In honor of National Lash Day it only seemed appropriate to share about my recent Lash experience!

If you’ve been following me for a little while you know I’ve been dabbling in some beauty products.

Hair extensions, microblading, lashes. But have yet to jump. That’s because I am very particular about just getting stuff done and want to know the pros and cons before I do anything, especially on my face. Even with all the research I did I still was surprised how un-educated I was on a few particulars like some technique and back end items.

My experience with Yessi from Yessi Lash in Orlando was nothing short of incredible. I knew right when I walked in I chose the right place because I could smell the cleanliness of her salon (which btw, was super cute).

One of my main concerns going in was being able to sit still long enough to complete the process (which took about an hour and forty five minutes), but it ended up being super easy for me. She had the best music playing and time went by so fast.

When I arrived we quickly looked at some options when I walked in and then she got right to work. She was full of knowledge and I love the beauty and perfection of her work.

One thing I loved most was that before she completed she actually allowed me to sit up and see the work in the mirror. She asked if I wanted more drama, and I did. I wanted a little longer on the ends. And she nailed it.

Seriously obsessed with my lashes!


Yessi used 8-14 mm lashes on my eyes. Because I was looking for a very natural look she wanted to keep them within that range. She does have longer 17mm which is recommended for special events/occasions. The size we chose will also allow for a longer time in between refills and because I’ll be traveling that was very important that they last a little longer (3 weeks).

The lashes should be applied only to the lashes that have been grown in. Techniques like this are only known by properly trained and licensed lash specialists.


Lashes are Only for people with no or little lashes. False. My husband was telling me for months (as I continued researching) I do not need them. I have very long natural lashes. That I love. They’re beautiful! And I’m super blessed in that area.

But as I uncovered from Yessi, people go for more than just because they want more lashes. They go for convenience. This was one reason I wanted to go. I don’t really have to be on social media all the time but it’s important for me to be on and engaged with my readers often. Checking in saying hi all hours from all places. I am not a huge fan of waterproof mascara. So certain times during the week, or most times during the week, I just don’t wear anything on my lashes. Because if I do it will run and I hate when the Mascara has been running underneath the eye.

Beach time, pictures, the gym, simple day to day will be so much more convenient without having to apply mascara. And I’ve now realized it saves SO much time and money in products during my application process.

And to my surprise, my husband LOVES them now and has nicknamed me lashes!

Three easy MUSTS

Cleanliness – it is so so important the tweezers and other tools are being cleaned PROPERLY. Make sure you can smell and sense the place is clean. This is SO important.

Certifications, look and ask for the lash cert AND the esthetician/cosmology license. Both are super important for safety procedure and technique. After all, tweezers and glue are getting very close to your eyes.

Products, especially the glue, is it natural or what kind is it?

Lashes where are they from, what’s the brand?

I would suggest extreme lash products, which Yessi uses.

Questions to ask. And don’t be afraid to ask them. You are paying for this service!

-What products do you use

-Are you certified

-In addition, Do you have a cosmology or esthetician license?

How will you apply the lashes?

If you are in or around the Orlando area I highly suggest Yessi Lashes. She meets and adheres to all of these specifications and provides the most gorgeous work!

Click below to see more of her transformational work!

She also provides a lash cleaner and / or make up remover which is SO GOOD!! This helps to maintain the false or natural lash and works great to remove the make up. This can be purchased directly from her.

For pricing, appointments and other questions please contact her directly at the number below.

For certification and becoming a lash specialist Yessi also offers monthly Lash Classes.

Yessi Lash:

(786) 662-9686

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