How did you get started Blogging?

August 11, 2019

The answer in short was to have a hobby outside of corporate america. But what fun is a short answer. That’s what talking to my husband is like… 

LOL – 

How was your day? 


How was the test?


How was the drive?


Partially kidding 🙂

My husband and I were very successful commercial bankers for about eight years. And I loved it. I really could say I loved what I did. At times, well most of the time (lol) it was very overwhelming, like any and probably every job that is worth something.  Goals, metrics, hundreds of clients, constant demands and pressures, and towards the end a micro managing boss who was very hard to work for. So taking photos was a great way for hubby and I to disconnect and kind of spend some “fun” time together. 

In 2017, I made a commitment to myself and God that if I received the Pinnacle Award (which is an award given to the top 1% of the banker’s in the nation) that I would jump. I would try something new.  That same year I had my BIGGEST and BEST year at the Bank. Doing very, very well in performance, finances and making a great name for myself. I broke $1MM in earned bank revenue and received the Pinnacle Award, which happened to come with a gorgeous, big, diamond trophy, and a trip to the Ritz down south with the Bank. 

So, I knew it was my time. I had accomplished it. I reached the top of that role.

So I would either venture off in to the bank in to a new role, or I would jump and go work for myself. 

March 31, 2018 I walked in to my boss with my 2 weeks signed and sealed, and told him I would be leaving. I was SO nervous for weeks leading up to that conversation, but at the time I had an unbelievable peace. I had an email prepared to my fro-workers, mentors, former bosses, I fired it off saying goodbye. 

That would be the start of my blogging career full time.

No more weekends, no more “days off”, no more “vacations”, this thing would later become my every second of life. I know it sounds a little strong, but I am convinced some things in life will require certain efforts for a period of time. It doesn’t mean they will always be like that. For example, Prime Day I literally worked for 48 hours straight. Sometimes around the holidays it is like that too. 

But I have built the most amazing community that I am SO proud of. And that I truly LOVE. Many whom I have not met, all around the world, but who LOVE me, too. These, FRIENDS! Real people that are JUST AWESOME. 

Blogging for a hobby can be done whenever you want, doesn’t necessarily need partnerships, or any structure, doesn’t necessarily need optimization, or strategy, it can be for fun.

In my experience, Blogging as a full time job is not the same as blogging for a hobby. In fact, when I blogged for a hobby it was very easy to skip posts and procrastinate. 

I recently heard someone say that you cannot just skip your Blog posts. And this rang home for me especially with Tuesdays Top Ten. They went on, it’s like someone’s favorite show, and if they just decided not to air it, imagine how many people would be let down. So when the time comes to preparing, sitting down, putting thoughts and content together, I always remember that little nugget.

I don’t ever want to let my readers down. So, Tuesdays Top Ten is a must for this platform. Even though there are some things in the work for this in 2020 🙂

On average one blog post takes about 15 hours of total production time. It requires quality edited photos, effort to style and time to put together outfits, choose topics, poll the audience, then the whole blog part. Arranging templates, organizing content, writing it, optimizing it. Having links ready, creative writing, having widgets prepared and correct, include several different options. And being on time and consistent with it requires not just dedication but a furious passion.

Blogging to post a blog is great and I would encourage anyone to do it! But blogging for a job and a following may not quite be the same.

So when I got in to blogging I truly had NO idea the complexity of the career. 

I often find myself telling my husband, If I knew then what I know now.

I joke around because there are so many HARD, humbling times and many less few MOUNTAIN top times. But when they are there, wow they are good.

Something you’ve worked for, built, and created. 

When your readers thank you, find value in what you are putting out there, landing Blog posts with some of your most dreamed of Brands, things like this make all the challenging times so worth it. 

So that’s how I got started blogging. 

One Christmas three years ago, sitting around my Mom’s living room – she’s actually the one who came up with the name Treasures & Trails. It was created with the letter T and focused around treasures I would find for you and sharing my travels with the Trails I pass through.

Her and my husband have been my two greatest encouragers. Pushing me when things were dry, I had no ideas, and I was very confused and let down. 

Ya know, there is no “HOW TO” to this yet.

There is no step by step guide to being a successful blogger.

So really, anyone can do it. Anyone with a fire, passion and desire to do it, and keep doing it. And keep doing it when the rewards are not there. And keep doing it when the creativity isn’t flowing.

I am now convinced that good things are made and built. Rarely will they just happen or fall in your lap. In marriage, in friendships, in business, in family, in your health and physical appearance. Great things are generally a process to becoming something greater. It takes strength, ambition and a deep desire to not give up. Stay focused on your work, on your goals. And a strategic mind to strategize what is working, what isn’t and what will perform.

This kind of perseverance and HEART can be applied to anything in your life you are working for. Tony Robbins says we feel fully alive when we are growing and contributing to something. And it’s the truth. Don’t allow yourself to settle and become complacent because it “feels” comfortable. 

Set your goals. DREAM. Make a list. And keep going. Day after day.

I started blogging three years ago, one year ago full time. And this year has been the best for T&T! What we put time and attention in too WILL grow. Over time it will. But in this profession there isn’t always going to be immediate satisfaction, there isn’t always going to be hundreds of comments, and there isn’t always going to be 100% great feedback. 

But will you continue? Will the passion carry you to the next post?

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