Home sweet Home 🏡

April 28, 2018

Inviting you to come see ours ❤️

Welcome 🙏🏼 🍹

Were so happy to have you!!

I love having a little sitting area to allow guests to come in and sit down. Please, have a seat.

Fun fact – I designed all of this from another city and did not have access to the house! And I purchased everything online!

This is our kitchen that I designed and had put together. I needed space and functionality!! I purchased these adorable drop lights from overstock and that sink…… literally searched for months!! I saw it in a model home and could not stop thinking about it Eventually found it

Thanks to my sweet Mama for this centerpiece!! By the way, this table is even more beautiful in person, and totally affordable for a dining room table. Above it I have a beaded grey chandelier. Formal dining room table and chandelier. I love the mirrored look and the two together is such a chic and beautiful statement. this Light was a splurge but I’m glad we did. It adds a different ambiance and is perfect for an evening in.

If you love it and let me know!

Thank you so much for coming by!!

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