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September 23, 2017

Wow!!! This was so fun!!! Thank you to all the amazing ladies who entered and tagged your friends. While there is only one winner today I promise there are more coming up – I actually already have two on the calendar! I hope you feel encouraged to enter again! My heart is overflowing with thankfulness for the engagement and while there is only one winner this giveaway, I did answer every single one of your awesome questions on the blog Thank you again!!! Can’t wait for the next one 😍😁❤️ it involves, skin care! For now…. Congratulations Tracey!!! You are the winner of these cute rose earrings and express gift card. Please message me your mailing address. You have 48 hours to claim your gift! 

What do you think is most important when starting a fashion blog? Love this question because I wish I would have done more of it….. research! Partnerships. I found no real information and getting in touch with successful bloggers has been hard because I am sure they are busy! Know the goods and the bads, and have set goals on what you want to give your audience and where you want to take it. 

Whats my favorite fall style tip? Wear white but pair it with a fall piece…. Velvet pumps, long jacket, use fall colors with it. White to me is just so beautiful and clean. 

What trend are you most excited about for the fall/winter? Pink is IN! And I love pink!! 

What are some of your fave skin routine products? Skin care is such a passion of mine, because when I turned 30, one year ago, I began to notice more of that natural aging process my mom always talked about, haha. I also discovered we can reverse it, with work and efforts. I love my own Manuka honey mask, I love my Dermaplane tool (amazing product) and I love my micro needle with a good serum. These have made the most positive differences for my fine lines, pigmentation and tone. Stay tuned for the next giveaway 😍😍 

What inspires you? (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BISI! 🎁🎁 Thanks for the great question). Helping others and blessing others inspires me most. It gives me the most joy the be able to help someone that doesn’t need to repay me and just be able to give them – love, advice, tips, especially encouragement by sharing experience and hope. 

Who are your favorite fashion icons? Audrey Hepburn….. I mean how perfect is any little black dress!

What is your favorite fall Starbucks drink? In some things I am more complex but just a pumpkin spice latte – maybe chai latte I haven’t had it with the pumpkin.

Fave place to travel? Nicaragua or Jacksonville (that’s where my family is and family is the best to me)

Favorite activity to do in the fall? Cook fall foods – caramel apples, warm cinnamon apples, my mom loves those things so it makes my heart feel close to her. We’ve both already cooked them! She was making hers today 😁 I made my apples yesterday and posted them on Snapchat.

Whats your favorite trend right now? Off the shoulder sweaters and cut off demin

What’s your fav workout clothes brand? I love Zella because its very stylish but Nike will always be my fav.

TOO FUN lovi’s! Thank you again to all of you!!! May you continued to feel so loved here and be abundantly blessed.

In giant hugs and so much love,

Tiffany 😘


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