Full Coverage July 4th Looks

June 22, 2019

HAPPY 4th of July!


Fireworks, sparklers, hamburgers, hotdogs, pool parties, time together, and of course Full Coverage July 4th Looks as we celebrate this INCREDIBLE and AMAZING COUNTRY!


I have had the opportunity to travel several places in this world. And married a US citizen, but from born and raised in another country. There is one thing I have learned over my journey to the ends of the Earth, having spent any time in the country of America, you are specially blessed. And being born in this country is a GIFT so MANY wish for. Yes, I know, we have areas of opportunity, I am with you. But looking at our situation globally, currently we are doing very well. And have the basic needs.

Safety, Education, Clean Water, Opportunity, Freedom


usa tank top, fourth of July tank top

Easy to throw on and look super festive. Loving all of these tanks that have spectacular reviews.


denim star shorts, forth of July shorts

How fun are these bottoms that say Happy 4th! Easy to pair with a basic tank and look so cute and festive!


American flag swimsuit, crop top, smocked crop top

Be the ultimate cutie with one of these adorable swimsuits!

Two Piece Sets

stripe two piece outfit

Two piece sets are fun on ANY day, but especially the 4th.


American flag hair scarf, red white and blue accessory

Wear any of your red, white and blue basics and add a fun accessory! This is a great inexpensive way to be a part of the fun!

Cover Ups

American flag cover up, 4th of July cover up, 4th of July dress, 4th of July outfit

I love a good wrap, super festive and fun. Wear any basic, white dress I love this one and add a fun cover up for the CUTEST 4th look!


royal blue dress, July 4th outfit, July 4th sale, blue dress

Wear your American Flag proudly with these fun flag dresses! The red halter is the one Steph has on in our pics and it is SO stinking cute! $20 on Prime


flag sandals

Don’t forget those cute little feet! If you’re looking for something fun and comfy for your feet I have found you the perfect mule sandals. They have a little heel height but are so comfortable.

Crop Tops

American flag swimsuit, crop top, smocked crop top

Theres no doubt about it – it is officially summer and it is HOT! Grab a cute crop top and throw it on with your flag denim shorts 


American flag hat, white hat, July 4th hat

Last but not least, don’t forget your hat!! Not only are they unbelievably cute, they are necessary for that STRONG sun!! The fedora hast are super cute or just the basic ball cap. Endless options here for you!

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