Don’t let this hold you back 

March 3, 2017

Maybe some of us haven’t been in prison physically, but there is another type of prison, a mental prison, that may be just as bad. See there is this thing called life that happens. It happens while we are dreaming, it happens while we are sleeping, it happens while we are planning, it happens while we are praying, it also happens while we make decision – some of those good, some of those may not always be so good. From these decisions, from these experiences, from this life comes results, consequences, and character building. We may feel more pleased thane ever with our life, we may feel more down than ever with our life, but either way, the choice is ours. See guilt, shame and fear will absolutely keep us locked up. Unforgiveness (basically the inability to let go of those who have hurt us AND the hurt specifically), insecurity (forgetting who we were made by and how much we are loved) but this is the one that I have seen the most paralyzing lately


  • FEAR
  •  FEAR
  •  FEAR

Fake effidence appearing real. I used to think this was so silly – why would anyone have fear, just go through life the best you can, take chances. Until one day you realize certain behaviors you are exhibiting or NOT exhibiting are coming from fear. Certain things we do in our relationships, parenting, career can be driven by fear. Fear of rejection often times fear of loss. See fear will keep us in bondage of experiencing new things, fear will hold us back from walking in God’s best, fear can absolutely cripple us because we get so comfortable staying in what IS instead of experiencing what else God may be calling us to. Fear can manifests itself in so many ways – fear of what others think, fear of illness, fear of death, fear of and then we cover or mask it in ways such as busyness, binge drinking, sexual lifestyle, codependency, so the cycle continues. 


 Perfect love casts out ALL fear. Not some not most, but ALL. Someone asked me the other day, after all you’ve seen and experienced aren’t you scared to get married, well, yes, the natural would tell me no way Jose. Better off not to. But God tells me, all things all possible with Him and that His love makes all fear go away. It is Word that allows me to press on, push through paradigms and barriers that would otherwise HOLD ME BACK. 

I recently read that fear can be created in childhood from critical Moms (no I am not saying my mom is critical) nor am I saying fear comes from moms. Fear comes from so many things – our own selves, others, our failures, and yes, sometimes our upbringing.

By the way, my mom is amazing and has been SO influential to who I am as a woman today. God bless that strong beautiful caring woman.

What kind of fear has held you back or paralyzed you in the past or maybe even currently? 

And may God bless you too, my dear reader. Bless you to stay focused, encouraged and most importantly to have ONLY fear of Him! Because fearing the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom.

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