Dock A Tot

May 10, 2020

Thank you all so much for the recommendations for DockATot!!! I read all the reviews and CANNOT wait for baby to try it. How are we just 9 weeks away?!


Just what is it?  Dock A Tot is a multi-functional baby snuggling station! Basically, it reinvents the womb by creating a snugly and soothing environment for your baby!  It also mimics a mattress, a co-sleeper, a ‘cocoon’. How adorable!

What is it used for?  It is similar to a ‘docking station’ for your baby.  The soft sides create a barrier between baby and parents that provide  a cozy space for to play, lounge, cuddle, change diapers, or nap.

Is it helpful?  Tummy time is important for babies to develop motor skills and strengthen neck muscles.   Dock A Tok comes to the rescue!  Due to its’ rounded sides,  it helps to prop up the baby when placed under their arms.

Is it worth it? I will let you know in just 9 short weeks, however, from the reviews I have read, this is a ‘cannot live without’ item! It’s portable, breathable, and washable.  Best of all, it’s the only sleep gimmick I need in the baby’s first 8 months!

As the baby continues to grow,  Dock A Tot Deluxe looks like another great investment.   You can adjust the length thanks to the foot clip at the end.  Also, the cutest thing ever, is the cabana kit.  It is a UV protective, fabric hideaway bug screen with a retractable sun shade.  The screen folds up into a convenient pouch and features a waterproof base protector.  It comes in the most adorable colors, Rose, Black, Swimming pool or Rain Forest print.  Another feature I would love to try out is the toy kit.  The toy kit enables the baby time to engage in play and learning while feeling safe and comfortable.


Am over the moon for these next 9 weeks to hurry and get here, in the meantime, I’m going baby shopping!
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