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February 28, 2019

One product I cannot be without is this brush powder product. It’s made with organic products and it has a SPF 30 made in to the product. It’s so easy to use with the pump and it’s water resistant.

I use the cherries n berries color because it’s pretty neutral with a little color to it.

The RMS products are incredible. And they last forever. You don’t need a brush you can just use your finger and I use it for the blush (color promise) and a highlighter (living luminizer). I love that they last literally all day and that they only take a little dab.

I recently found this liquid foundation stick and it’s so easy. I use it where I would use bronzer and take a beauty blender, wet it and dab it in. This can also be used as a foundation or get a darker color and use as a contour or get both if you need the products.

The concealer has incredible coverage but is still very light.

And I’ve been using this eyebrow pencil for about two years and I am obsessed. Such great quality for the price!

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