Colleen Rothschild Beauty – Tahitian Monoi

September 11, 2020

I think by now you guys know I just love the Colleen Rothschild Beauty line with so many 5 star reviews!  Well, the Colleen Rothschild Beauty-Tahitian Moroi continues the 5 star rating and provides a sensory rich experience!  I’m sharing the 3 products that I have used for quite awhile now and just have to take some time out to RAVE about them!

Colleen Rothschild Beauty- Tahitian Monoi

The Tahitian Monoi Body Butter has a lavish texture that just seems to melt into my skin.  The ingredients are fabulous!  The Brazilian Murumuru and Bacuri Butters combine with essential oils that leaves your skin soft and nourished. The conditioning benefits of Pink Algae leave your skin feeling protected and the Arabica Coffee Seed helps you feel energized while the Polynesian Mother of Pearl delivers a luminous glow.  Sound luxurious? It sure is!  Give it a try!

Colleen Rothschild Beauty-Tahitian Monoi proves time and time again to rank #1 in my skincare routine. One of my favorite products is the Tahitian Monoi Body Scrub!  Yall, I most say the scent makes you feel that you are in an island resort spa.  It’s intoxicating -Take me away!  The scrub does an excellent job at sloughing dead skin cells without being too rough. Another MUST TRY!

Last but not least is the Tahitian Creamy Oil Body Wash.  This is definitely creamy and the suds just fill up the tub! I always make sure to have at least one back up (in case I take a mini vacation) 🙂

All of these products are rated highly and are very reasonably priced.  If you have cabin fever, these products can definitely boost your spirits and take you mentally to the islands.

All of these Colleen Rothschild- Tahitian Monoi products are linked on shop my page, then head on over to review the rest of the Colleen Rothschild – The Line up that works!


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