Child like faith 

January 19, 2017

What we feel is not always what we are, sometimes we need the truth or a truthful friend, to remind us who we really are… that what we are beautiful, wonderful, accepted. And so much more. 

What you are is loved. No matter what. No matter what you’ve done. No matter what you’ll do. What you are is treasured. Chosen. Cherished. Adored. A princess. Worthy. Important. Valued. Needed. Cared for, deeply. Smart. Kind. Different. Created to make a difference. A dreamer. An intelligent and wise woman. A ruby. One of a kind. Confident. Secure. Uniquely YOU. 

Remember that little girl? Sure, sometimes she may speak from hurt or act out of insecurity, maybe even doubt who she is from time to time. But there is also amazing qualities she possesses. In that same little girl that’s inside us, there’s a lion, with a brave heart, there’s a dreamer, with faith that sees the impossible possible, and in her is a voice that will drive us or drown us. Let’s allow her to make our adult woman confident, kind and secure and our entire surroundings full of peace and joy. 

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