Casual Fall Transition

August 24, 2019

Casual Fall Transition

Okay, I know we are getting closer to fall but why does it feel like it’s getting HOTTER outside? I was walking to my car during the 2pm hour today and I was burning. The sun on my skin was so hot. Which made me get so excited for fall. Cool breeze, fall decor, and fall style! Sweaters and boots. Pumpkin spice. And I am equipping you with the best Casual Fall Transition piece.

I was so excited to find this Amazon Brand for the WIN AGAIN! A cowl neck and side slits distinguish this beautiful long-sleeve dress with a seamed hem.

This dress probably looks familiar. The summer version was a top seller for us month over month for five consecutive months this year. Y’all LOVED it. For obvious reason. Quality, price, style color options, oh and, on Prime.

Here is the fall version of it and I am obsessed. The material is SO soft and SO cozy but the style still has it so cute. It is labeled 86% Rayon (super soft type of cotton), 11% Cotton, 3% Spandex. Machine washable!! Y’all love that. Supersoft Terry material offers incredible comfort with rich rayon fibers and a gently brushed back.

While it is warm it is not heavy and hot because of the material. That makes this Casual Fall Transition piece so easy for layering.  Any jacket or sweater, any style boots, or slides will be gorgeous.

There is nothing I love more than a chilly, or cooler, day wearing something that is appropriate for a variety occasions and looks good.



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