Bloodline review and Express

August 15, 2018

I am really not one to watch TV but as many of y’all know my kitchen overlooks my living room and my husband does watch TV! I overheard this series so did not see it from the beginning but this was an engaging, and edge of the seat series. We watched the majority of it in three days because we had to know what happened next.

We found out that there was supposed to be more seasons but for certain reasons they could not continue so abruptly had to end at season 3 – which you can kind of tell.

This is a drama that involves a family who has a secret of lies. And as is usually the case, one lie, requires another and another and as my mom used to say when I was a teenager, don’t dig your hole deeper 🤣

Despite some of the cussing and drug scenes, I loved it!! And they even have a recovery program highlighted which made me so happy to see!

Looking now for new recommendations because I could get used to this TV thing 😜

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