The Nursery Reveal

March 2, 2021

You guys – I just cannot believe how cute the nursery turned out!  It’s time for The Nursery Reveal. The Nursery Reveal is finally here and the anticipation is killing me. Are you guys ready? Close your eyes for the big surprise!  Now open them and I’ll welcome you right in.

The inspiration was from the RESTORATION HARDWARE which is a really upscale, designer store that specializes in home decor.   My goal was to create a simple and serene space and with these items below, I hope you find it as calming as I do.

For those waiting to conceive, my husband’s best suggestion was to create a stress free vacation.  We traveled with intention and there it happened – in the Bahamas- so tropical and affordable.  Bahamas is just beautiful and we were able to have some down time and just connect.  There is so much to look forward to in this next season.  Little Luis will be our light in the darkness of uncertainty in the world today.  I hope you enjoy the nursery as much as I did in creating it.

Nursery Items

The Birdrock Home Pouf is perfect for the any room.  It is so chic and modern looking and will not go flat.  Great price along with perfect reviews and is under $90 on Amazon Prime.

White nursery rocker – high quality lounge chair and super comfortable!

Mosquito Net Canopy Play Tent – hubby helped me hang the sturdy pop ring so the garland would rest on top.  Without the rose garland, it was so plain.  The garland comes in multiple colors.

Nursery Decorations

Rose Vine Silk Flowers – I completed the look by adding the blue garland around the top and it just seems to all come together.

Rose Silk Flower Blossom – I bought these to just add into a pitcher, so sweet and elegant to complete the look.

Rustic Wooden Shelves – perfect match to the Stone Wash dresser set, great quality and price.  Thank God for my hubby that helped hang them!  Measure them right and they are so easy to hang.

Yall the addition of the Furry Sheep Ottoman is so adorable.  I bought mine years ago and just fits so perfectly in the nursery.  It has wooden legs and just a great addition to any kids room.

My hubby’s favorite part of the nursery – the Baby Safari animals in the Black Poster Frames – 24 x 36.  Normally $900 each and I was able to connect to someone who created for less than $25 each!  The paintings were originally very large but were grown up safari animals.  My goal was simple and calming Baby Safari watercolor animals and I found them on ETSY!  I had them printed and spray painted the frames -waaalah!  I love them!  They hang perfectly on this large wall!

I had a lot of questions and comments about the 37 inch Round Mirror .  It comes in multiple color options and just perfect.  The color I chose was Titanium and it has a little rim on the outside.  A great price point for this size of mirror.

Nursery Furniture

All the furniture color is called Stone Wash and they all blend together perfectly.  I am crazy about the color  and bought all the matching furniture items -The Oxford Convertible Crib,  the Oxford 6 Drawer Dresser  and Night Stand.

Other Baby Items

I added a skirt and then the mattress with a white sheet, with the Baby Crib Bumper pads and the Soft Minky Dot Blankets.  The pattern is so perfect, has satin ties and matches the canopy.

Cozy Stuffed Elephant– so soft, great for any baby and I love the price of it!

Peanut Changer – It doesn’t move and when I’m changing the baby and I like the stability of it.  It wipes down and is so easy to clean.  I ordered the vanilla and just fell in love.

Obsessed with these Ryan and Rose Pacifier– a teether and pacifier all in one! The Baby Spoon & Fork have a easy grip handle and is made of silicone, along with the Pacifier Clip and the Teether Rattler.

More Baby Items

Playtex Diaper Genie – Have you guys heard of this?  One of the best things ever!  If you need to get a baby gift, get this!  They will love you forever!  Diaper Genie Refill Bags , which I am sure we will use, goes along with the diaper genie.

Pull Wipes Dispenser – Just tap and pull.  There is a weighted pull that just allows one pull.  I am all about cuteness and everything looking pretty, but for now, it’s about functionality!

Storage Baskets – set of 4 – These are back again.  They have a rope like material and I wanted white, not taupe and I found it.  Can be used for anything and everything.  Best organizer ever!!!

I feel educated, prepared and READY for Baby Luis to arrive!  We can’t wait to show him off, but for now, let’s go shopping.


All these great nursery finds are linked on shop my page, under Nursery Revel.  Also, revisit my previous Designer Inspired Pieces and find some amazing bargains!

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