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May 27, 2019


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eBay and I have partnered together to bring you Luxury Bags for Less. And I could not be more excited to break this down. After a recent poll this blog post really deemed itself necessary.

A few things that I think are important to note:

Designer Handbags can be an investment

Designer Handbags do not have to cost a fortune

There is another way to purchase Designer Handbags besides NEW to actually up your return on investment

Luxury Handbags can last for decades


So we’re going to break all this down today.

My best advise for purchasing luxury handbags is like that of a car, don’t always buy it brand new. And of course, check in on your budget.

Let’s do the math on this.

The most popular SOHO Disc Bag, which btw, is my most worn bag, sells gently used for around $400-500. It sells new for around $1100. The price actually increased once it was on the market for a brief period of time by about $100. If you purchase gently used for $500 and resell in a year or two for $400-450 or maybe even $500 (depending on how well you take care of it) you literally have not spent any money on the bag.

Did you know eBay offers Authenticity Verified bags!?! I am going in to more detail about this below.


Let’s talk bags from overseas that are not verified as authentic. They are just listed on there with a really inexpensive price and a similar pic. Purchasing this route is risky because tbh, you don’t really know what you’re going to get. And keep in mind, the resell value on bags that are not authentic is zero. But, it is important for you to know that there are similar bags sold on eBay from overseas for much less. And know how to spot them.

eBay does offer returns on the majority of their items (it will say NO RETURNS) if they do not allow returns AND they offer Money Back Guarantee. These two components are huge and have made me feel so comfortable purchasing through eBay.

Heres the things to look for in regards to a bag that is NOT listed as authentic verified.


  • Reviews, rely on the reviews! Is the store/person legit? Are you going to get what is actually pictured?
  • Read the description! The description will be true because if what you receive does not match the description eBay will give you your money back! I love that about eBay – their money back guarantee. Look for the a detailed description.
  • Also sellers are really good about responding so never be afraid to message them with a question.
  • “Is this bag authentic?” This is important to know for several reasons. Depending on what you are looking for and also the price. Clearly if it is not authentic it should NOT be authentic price.


Now…. here’s the thing about eBay.

The old days of bidding and waiting are over. 80% of what eBay sells actually has a buy it now button. How AWESOME!!

They offer Price Match Guarantee: All eligible deals are the best price online, or eBay will match the lower price of a competitor.

Authenticity Guarantee: As one of the world’s largest marketplaces for authenticated luxury handbags, eBay verifies their authenticity with independent industry experts. In case of any doubt, experts will inspect your item upon return. If the authenticity of the item can’t be verified, you will receive a full refund.

Quick Delivery Guarantee: Over 20 million items are delivered in 3 days or less.

Money Back Guarantee: If what was purchased doesn’t arrive or doesn’t match the description, buyers get their money back in full.



So based on my research I am going to link for you my favorite bags of various styles, price points, from different buyers and what I would feel comfortable with purchasing. Not all of the bags I linked are verified as authentic.

The safest way to purchase gently used is to look for AUTHENTICITY VERIFIED in RED next to the price like the below.

You can also pay $20 to have the bag reviewed for Authenticity before you purchase and they will get back to you within 48 hours to let you know – SUPER cool!! It’s so convenient and so worth the $20.



Most of the time you will know if the bag is authentic or not. For example, if a bag is listed as $125, like this ONE, this one listed at $200, you basically know it is a similar bag but not authentic. I messaged the store of this bag in my research and said “is this an authentic bag?” and they replied almost immediately “it is 100% similar.” Which means it is not authentic, but it is 100% similar.

Or this ONE that is listed at $100.

BUT … there are times when people may list an un-authentic bag and charge an authentic price and if it doesn’t say authenticity verified you don’t really know. SO always read the description and you can always message them, it takes just a second and they typically respond very quickly. And there’s always the $20 option to verify if you find one you LOVE and are still unsure about.

Financially I have found eBay the BEST platform ever for purchasing my gently used Luxury bags (and selling, but that’s a whole different story.)


Soho Disc Bag & similar options

Orig $1000 vs. Gently used $500






The Marmont & similar options

Orig $1000 vs. Gently used $500




Neverfull & similar

Orig $1200 vs. Gently used $500







Cosmetic Bag & similar

Orig $1200 vs. Gently used $300





Dionysus & similar

Orig $2000 vs. Gently used $500





CC quilted bag & similar

Orig $3000 vs. Gently used $500





Minkoff & similar

Orig $200 vs. Gently used $50




Givency & similar

Orig $1000 vs. Gently used $500





Vanity Case & similar

Orig $1000 vs. Gently used $500





Deauville & similar

Orig $1000 vs. Gently used $600



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