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August 8, 2018

Mid Week you look SO good. For those who may be new to my IG and blog, I’m Tiffany! Im 32 years old and have a passion for fitness, fashion and beauty. I quit my successful commercial banking corporate job five months ago, which is a story in itself. I blog and personal train (virtually) full time now. I met my husband in that job and we married two years later. We had a very small ceremony in the church my parents were married in, in Jacksonville and celebrated after in Nicaragua. My father and I had a distant relationship the majority of my life until recently. On 8/8 two years ago he was rushed in to the emergency room with a blocked heart and was opened up twice back to back, the second time from complications from that surgery. This was the building block for the new, beautiful relationship we have today #forgiveness My favorite part of my childhood was those cabbage patch dolls! After 14, I was raised primarily by my mother and grandfather, because my parents divorced after 21 years of marriage. When I lost my grandpa six years ago, I experienced life at its lowest. I then started a program called @celebraterecoveryofficial and found healing through my hurts habits and hang ups after successfully completing my own 12 step. It’s crazy how our most difficult times can bring us the greatest victory. It was through that awful experience, I celebrate victory from any alcohol and drugs for almost five years.

I struggle with anxiety and certain fears but I pick myself up every day and keep going. In this social media world we can easily look at a picture and be quick to judge or make our own calls on a person. May this be a little reminder, we never know what someone else may be going through or have gone through. Im not the woman I want to be, but I’m not the woman I used to be and for that I say thank you, Lord! And thank you to my #followers. You make a difference for me and what I am building! Every like, every comment, every message, every answered poll 😜Anything else you would like me to touch base on? Let me hear from you. I’m starting a Social series called #followmystory and would love to get your #questions answered. Love you ALL! 😍

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