Gender Reveal Party

January 14, 2020

Gender Reveal Party


I am so excited to share the intricate details of the Gender Reveal Party with y’all. One of the most exciting parts of pregnancy is finding out the sex of the baby.  Creative gender reveal parties have become increasing popular for those wanting to learn the sex of the baby prior to giving birth.  I just knew mine was going to be UNFORGETTABLE, and it was!


The anticipation and excitement is like Christmas, the sleepless nights, the gender keeper secrets, the festivities,  all add up to my GENDER PARTY!  It’s more than I could ever imagine and it was beyond perfect.  I had prepared for months, ordering the food, the cake, the balloons, plates and napkins, the flowers, the favors, the decorations and of course the all important GENDER REVEAL Confetti Cannons! The decor for the pool was so sweet and elegant with floating candles and floating Lilly pads – they were the prettiest additions.

What to wear….

What shall I wear? Pink? Blue? and I finally found ‘the one’ – a combination of pink AND blue with a magical iridescent flair!  The perfect invitations were selected and all were mailed.  RSVP’s were accounted for and friends/family were planning trips to come to the celebration!   I felt secure in the selection of my gender keepers and just knew this celebration was gonna be one for my memory bank. Our gender keepers have been life long friends and most importantly I can trust them. Never in my mind did I doubt for even a moment they would tell. I tried to trick Connie and I asked her, “So are you bringing pink or blue decorations?” She said, “You’re having a BABY and I am bringing both!” It was so cute and the most exciting few days.


And here we are!

Saturday, January 11th, 2019.

It will be forever in my memory. All of our Family and friends came together by the pool, cameras set and rolling and the gender keeper passed out the confetti cannons- the moment was finally HERE.  Directions on how to explode the cannons were read and any questions were answered.  All was set and we were ready to roll!   A sweet friend delivered a short but beautiful prayer, the gender keeper said a quick speech that this was one of the BEST most memorable experiences of her life and felt so honored to be holding THE SECRET!  Then, EVERYONE READY?  LET’S DO THIS- 3-2-1 BOOM!  POP!  EXPLODE! and blue confetti burst everywhere! It was a feeling I never experience before and about three seconds after the Pop I realized it was BOY! Luis comes from a family of only boys, and all his nephews are boys. At four weeks pregnant, (we found out super early) I told Luis it’s a boy. He didn’t think I could tell that early.


But I was on to something! I would have been SUPER happy with either. A girl would be so mum fun    and a boys love is just so good. I have a boy dog (chosen gender by me!) and I know the relationship we have is so sweet. A couple days before the gender party, I said a prayer. A specific prayer, because I did not want to be let down or have my desires over power what God’s purpose would be. So I just said God whatever you want me to have is what I know is in my belly. I trust you and I will do my very best either way. After that I had complete peace about it, but still, once you finally find out, its just so real…. finally!!! Names, ideas, did I mention shopping 🙂


I am all over the boy mama lingo and I think it is just adorable!


The cheers, the goosebumps, the tears of joy just wailed throughout the neighborhood.  The secret was out!  We were having a boy AND I will be his very first love!  I CANNOT WAIT!


Be sure to check on the post here with more dress options!

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