May 8, 2019

Thank you guys so much. Because of YOUR nominations, I was awarded by Florida Style Magazine & featured in their latest published issue…. see my publication above!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for those who took the time to email your nominations. It brings me to tears how you guys love & support me. As you’ll hear in my article, I love you so guys much. Make sure to see your shout out! I want it known to the ends of the earth this community here is the absolute best. Thank you @floridastylemagazine for the feature. I consider it such an honor.

I mentioned a few of my Brand Partnerships because besides you guys, this is what makes Treasures & Trails possible. And I must say, I have had the opportunity to work with some amazing Brands. Truly incredible, good hearted people, with the desire and passion to succeed and products or services that CAN, WILL and ARE. Coming along side these brands and being a resource for them to accomplish their goals has been a dream come true.

I am so excited for what the remaining year will bring. And I promise to continue to bring you Brands and products I know and love. As I have mentioned before, there are millions of Brands on the market, and not every one is a good fit for us, for what you love, how you like to shop. So many we do not go in to Partnership with. But some are! And when that fit is right and it works out, you  can count on me for an honest, real feedback and review. Because really, lots of the Brands I know are SO good. Their team and mind behind product development are ABOVE the best.

More to come!

Thank you again.


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