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March 10, 2019

Never have I ever been sky diving! It used to be on my bucket list but over the last couple years I’ve come to understand the delicacy of life and just don’t think I have the same adventurous heart to do it.

I’ve eaten octopus once, wont do it again.

So. Yes.

I’ve been stung by a scorpion. And it was awful. Let’s jump right in to the details.

Things to do

Our last trip to Nica was wonderful. In between working we made time to get adventurous. Going to the beach, the Jesus statue, on a catamaran cruise with Nica Sail & Surf and even made it to the volcano (Ometepe).

It’s always wonderful. Stressful. Sometimes challenging. But still good.

(View from the Jesus statue)

Ometepe day trip

We visited Ometepe (a voltaic island) one day and went to the waterfall which was something to remember forever. Once we got on the island the drive to the waterfall was insane. We took a dirt bike over unaware of the rocky turf. We slid out slide out multiple times and I understand that it was borderline adventurous/ dangerous. But once we had started we were like how are we going to turn back now! We almost did turn around once. I told my husband that’s it, I have HAD IT. I didn’t think I had enough courage to keep going.

But I did. And we made it.

Luis worked A LOT. Attending to the garden, training employees, managing new guests. But we still managed to escape a little when we could. Our Hotel is

We spent a lot of time tending to the property.

So lots of good. LOTS of good. There’s always lots of good.

Matter of fact by like the 10th day I thought (but didn’t say!) this trip is going like sooo smooth. Not that I have a negative outlook but it was just odd that no real bumps had come up. Typically when traveling, or really just in life, bumps come up.

We also escaped for a half day and went on a catamaran cruise to Playa Blanca which was gorgeous and So much fun! Some of our guests who were celebrating their one year anniversary went with us. We caught fresh tuna and they cut it up for lunch ūüć£

And. Literally the next day Luis had an accident. We were surprised how it wasn’t me because I’m typically the one getting injured. He fell off the side of the mountain 6 feet and landed on his side. Praise the Lord he ended up being okay. This was two days before we were leaving. The following night, our last night there, we were coming back from grabbing dinner. I had a pizza in my hand and stepped on a scorpion that stung me SO freaking bad.

Scorpion Bite

So a few things to note.

I stepped on him. By accident of course. I had on sandals in the night time and he stuck his stinger right in my foot.

He was about three inches long. Not huge.

It was excruciating. I dropped the pizza and everything in my arms and screamed a word that I’m not proud of.

I know several people who have been stung. So I know the process. I know the side effects. I also know they are not deadly.

*Most of the scorpions in Nica are not deadly if stung.

However. As we quickly found out. I am allergic. My foot swelled something unbelievable. My lips and tongue went numb. And worse. My throat began to close.

Hubby ran me in to town to the local pharmacy where we had just been the day before to clean up his cut.

Sorry I know the pic isn’t the greatest. Taking pics was the last thing on my mind.

But I want to give y’all a little insight to where I was.

This was literally like hell for me y’all. First of all y’all know I do not like taking medicine. Much less shots. And shots I’ve done no research on and know nothing about. I was helpless.

So I’m asking my husband 101 questions and he’s trying to translate from the guy and calm me down.

I said ask him what will happen if I just do not take any of this. He replied one word that I could understand.


I just stopped literally everything. Put my worship music on and put my head in my hands. And let go.

I thought about y’all. My family. Gods goodness. And just sat there in the discomfort. In the pain.

1 hour later. $15 down. Tons of tears.

I got two shots to the butt. One for the allergy. One as an antiscorp venom.

Pain meds to alleviate the wound. Allegra to keep the effects of the allergy down.

It was so crazy. Apparently scorps are a big thing in Az too. Definitely one tiny animal I do not want to come in contact with again.

Our property manager said he’s been stung over 20 times. For him now it’s like a mosquito bite. That for me is literally unimaginable.

I am recovering well. Praise the Lord. So far no severe complications. I ended up having more issues with an ant bite that hit infected and I’m still healing from.

I don’t do well with bugs.

But there’s so much good I don’t want to undermine. Let’s move on to the GREAT.


The best beaches ever. Private. Serene. Calm. We visited a new beach this time that was breathtaking. We went at 5AM to catch the sunrise.

These are Original unedited photos.

Playa Eskamito

This is San Juan Del Sur beach about ten minutes from our hotel. The one you can see from up in the mountain.

Playa San Juan Del Sur

Playa Maderas

Playa Hermosa


Fresh. Delicious. Full of flavor. Juices like cantaloupe, passion fruit and strawberry are my FAV!

Also that’s a passion fruit seed in my juice. Depending on who makes it they may or may not blend up the seeds.

This plate of avo toast is $4. And depending where you go for juice they’re around $2-3. That’s natural, fresh squeezed juice. Here I think they’re usually $4-6.

Food and travel are very affordable there. Some of our favorite restaurants include Salud, the cook is great, La Veccha Signora (pizza!), Barrio Cafe, Cafe Mediterr√°neo (coffee!!)

We drank a passion fruit or orange juice almost every day! And it was so delicious.

Travel is easy

We fly out from Ft Lauderdale and from there it’s about a 2-3 hour flight. So it’s really easy and light.

Luis and I both have passports and global entry. I got global entry a couple years ago and it was one of the best things I’ve done.

Flying in over Ometepe

I’ve also heard of the mobile passport which seems super convenient. I haven’t done it because I haven’t needed to but if you’re planing to travel and want to save some time this may be a good option to look in to.

We also only take carry on’s. So no more waiting on luggage, chancing it getting lost, paying extra. Sometimes it hard. Especially if we’re planning on taking pics but it’s so worth it.

Of course we made time for photos. And we also made it to the Jesus statue.

The Christ of the Mercy is a colossal statue of Jesus Christ in the city of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to a height of 134 m. The statue is located highly above the northernmost seawall in the bay of San Juan. At the foot of the statue is a small chapel.

Some of my favorite outfits that are perfect for spring and travel

This cute Two piece swimwear was made in Nica but I found one that is identical! I love the swimsuits in Nica because they fit so good. It’s a beach town where we’re at so they are good at making swimwear!

Here are a couple of one piece swimsuits that are a must! This snakeskin comes in multiple colors / prints.

This black one is amazing. I wore it as a body suit as well.

My most loved dresses all running true to size:

Trip accessories

For us Nica is a place to go and disconnect. Get off the hamster wheel and just be.

The people are so sweet and that’s one of the main reasons we chose to plant our second home there.

It’s a total different lifestyle that is wrapped in SO much beauty!

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