Splurge vs Save

February 26, 2019

How FUN is it to occasionally splurge?

And lets be real. How FUN is it to get a really good deal?

SO FUN! That’s why I decided to put together a Splurge VS Save post for yall.

So depending on your mood, event, whatever it is going on, you can find something for YOU!

I will note, I do have a few of these spurge items.

The ruffle skirts are very similar, the body suits are also very similar.

The black skirt for me was worth the splurge because 1, it is a great basic and 2, I wear black all the time.

The rockstud sandals are LIFE and I want them in all the colors they are made. I have had mine over a year and they are in the same condition I oroginally purchased them in.

This denim skirt for me was worth the splurge for the same reason. I took my usual size 26 and it is perfect.

I took the save option in this black denim skirt and I feel like I have worn it everywhere for the past three motnhs and its amazing.

I have both of these ruffle skirts and they are very similar. I love them boh and think both are SUPER cute. The splurge option does have a cute little matching top. So if youre looking for a two piece set that would be a good route.

I love these white slides. I took the save option at under $15 and I have been SO pleased with them. I took my usual size 7 and they run a tad bit large but they are SO cute.

I have the save in the gingham skirt and could not recommend it more. I took my usual size small and love it.

These wedges are SO cute. I currently do not have either but the reviews on the SAVE are really good and I will most likely be purchasing these in the near future.


Here are some of our trending SAVE accessories that have received great feedback.




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